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  • Vexx's Roleplay Workshop


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    Hi, I'm Vexx.


    I'm a cool guy.


    I recently had this eureka moment while I was writing up some stuff for a character I had in the mix.

    For those that don't know, I spent more time helping people create really cool characters and support them in really taking their roleplay to the next level.

    (If by now, you think I'm doing a sales pitch. I promise I'm not selling anything.)


    The idea was simple. 

    What if I could create a little group workshop that was outside the constraints of roleplay and focused entirely on group supported improvement of a player's roleplay?


    I got some feedback from Discord (I think it was feedback?) and I've decided to set up the first workshop to see how things go.

    Here's the rough gists:


    What is it?: This is a voice only group meetup on the BCRP's Teamspeak where we help each other improve our roleplay through various topics I'd set up each week or so.

    When is it?: It's currently going to happen within three days of this posting. To get a feel for a headcount before I organise it.

    Contact me on Discord to find out when it's going to happen -> Vexx#0001

    Where is it?: It'll be hosted in a private channel we have in the Teamspeak itself. (Vexx's Olympus Incarnate)


    How will it work?: Think of it as a big player discussion/critique where we as a group try to improve our abilities to roleplay.

    Trust me, you can tell the difference between good and bad roleplayers. It's typically based on how much fun you're having funnily enough!


    For any questions, I can answer them here!

    Happy roleplaying!

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