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  • Wren Anderson


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    Name: Wren Anderson


    Wren Anderson was neglected by her family during her childhood, so as soon as she turned 18 she decided she had to get away as far as possible. Her family life caused her to want to live comfortably with a happy family. She decided to move to a small city near by where she worked as a stripper to make ends meet. She lived in a small apartment that she shared with two of her fellow stripper friends. She had begun to take hard drugs during her free time. She became hooked on them.

    This wasn't what she wanted in life at all.

    She decided, at age 21, that it was time for her to take action to get the life that she wants. She checked herself into rehab and didn't leave until she was over her drug addiction (although she still smokes a little bit of marijuana). After checking out of rehab, she then decided that it was time for her to move. She decided to move to the big city at age 22. She hopes to make a nice mostly clean living, but if she has to turn dirty to get what she wants then that is what she will do.

    She tries to act as upbeat and friendly as possible not only for her own mental health, but also for her peers. She wants to make sure that everyone is happy and taken care of even though she knows that isn't possible nor realistic. She always makes sure that she is on top of the latest trends and always makes sure that she looks good. She wouldn't be caught dead at the store wearing a pair of sweatpants unless it was the newest trend. She is very determined and ambitious and will make sure that she gets what she wants so try not to get in her way.


    She hopes to see you in the big city. :)

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