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  • Change the Store robbery Script.


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    • *Management

    Hi y'all 

    Hope everyone is having an amazing day, First i would like to request everyone who reads this to leave your thoughts below if you like it or not. And also thank you for your time to read this. 

    This suggestion would be to change the Store Robbery Script - 

    Store Robbery's are a good way to make some quick cash and a little bonus with a dash of a nice police chase. 

    The script we have now is good but a little old. Most people who are here know the way around it and they can crack the safe is 30sec to 1min. 

    We love the amazing Script for the Bank that Nardah has made for us and i think it is a time for a change for store robberies aswell. 

    Idea 1 - ( SUGGESTED BY MR. MICHEAL ROYAL ) - Introduce a Advance lockpick which has lets say 5 uses before it breaks. You NEED an advance lockpick in order to break the cash registers. You use your advance lock picks on the Cash registers ( all stores have 2 cash registers to my knowledge ) you get X amount of money from those registers and you have a Chance to get a code to the back safe. If you get the code you put in the code in the back safe and you get a little bit bigger sum of money. If you dont get the code you can break in the bigger safe using your advance lockpicks. 

    The Cash registers can be as simple as using and opening the locks ( like house robberies and searching for money ) or something more. and the bigger safe on the back would be something you would have to break the lock or hack into. 

    Idea 2 - This would include the same things apart from the Advance lockpicks. We go inside the store use our lockpicks on the cash registers search for money inside the registers. We have a chance to get the safe code in the back, If we go its a bigger payday if we dont we break into it using lockpicks and crack the safe open. 

    All in all we need a bit of change in the Robbery script so that its a little longer which will solve two of the issues. 

    1 - Stop people from chain robbing stores and or Stop people from a " Hit and Run " Store.
    2 - Make it so PD get the RP of a chase after a Robbery. 

    If you guys have anything you would like to add/remove please feel free to do so in the Comments. 

    Please leave you thoughts on this and i would like to thank everyone for reading this and thank you for your time. 

    Thank you 

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    Store robberies are a nice and easy activity to do in the city that creates some scenario for both criminals and police, as well as having a fairly solid payout for the criminal doing the activity.


    I think it's a really good idea to change it from just being "Press E to rob" and make it some type of actual robbery / breaking into the cash register / back safe. However, I think it's really important to stress what Perez said, which is that there is no need to make this advanced lockpick too difficult to obtain. I believe that advanced lockpicks could be used for other, legal things, so that you're not just crafting a lockpick just to rob a store or something of the nature.


    What I mean, is that possibly mechanics will have the ability to craft this advanced lockpick for maybe some scrap metal and a regular lockpick, potentially for a small price over what a regular lockpick would cost --> maybe 1-2k per crafting said advanced lockpick.


    Maybe this advanced lockpick could then be used when lockpicking cars, and you'd be able to use the same mechanic as a house robbery on a vehicle, instead of just relying on RNG to start the car.


    Overall, I would just like to see this advanced lockpick be easily obtainable to almost anybody, as store robberies are a nice little fun criminal activity to do, and there's no need to overcomplicate the process to rob a store, since it's a fairly minor activity, unlike a bank robbery :)

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    I think the first idea is great, i would say that to create RP , maybe have the advance lockpick only purchasable from a person in city such as a mechanic , this also brings more RP to the shops and mechanics at said shops instead of just upgrading cars and towing vehicles. 

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    I love these ideas and I think it can add and contribute to the process of doing a robbery. Personally tho talking about robberies, Hostage situations are the only on scene scenario people ever try because they "Need" it to get to the chase, while this is true: I would love to see people come up with more interesting ideas to change things up a bit. Not every robbery has to end in a chase you know, there is always another way to create interesting RP Also the chain robberies from some need to stop, An adjustment to the script to force that fix would be wonderful. Also if you can't add these scripts to physically create the RP why can't you just use /me's and take the time to RP out doing these actions before actually turning the dial on the safe, this is something you can do RIGHT NOW! if you have a friend have him put a /911 in "HELP There is a suspicious man who entered the store while I was shopping and he's trying to break open the register." While scripts are amazing you can do this RP without scripts, just use your creativity and imagination, it makes anything and everything possible anytime u want. 

    Edited by John Falcon
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    @Marc Maroon you're not going to believe this, but some of us don't give 2 fucks if nopixel has something that's suggested...



    As for the suggestions, any improvement to the monotonous chain robberies with hostages nets a +1 from me.

    Edited by Kyle B.
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    A system I just thought of would be to add a system where ALL the stores are locked after 11PM In Game time. And they open at 8 AM. During this 9 minutes the stores is locked, and the ONLY way you can rob it is if you LOCKPICK it. This can also be used in hand with the advanced lockpicks that were talked about above, but any lockpick could be good as well. This is a way to rob a store but also add a stealth aspect to it. However the store would be robbed, it doesn't get an alarm until after a delay, which would allow someone to rob the store and get away with a small chance to get caught. This would allow crims to rob stores without hassle of taking someone hostage, which happens frequently in the city. I'm not saying it has to be exactly like this, but something like this with locked doors + lockpicking I think would be a good addition to the city.

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