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  • Replace PD raptor


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    • *Senior Management

    Hi y'all 

    Hope everyone is having an amazing day, First i would like to request everyone who reads this to leave your thoughts below if you like it or not. And also thank you for your time to read this. 

    My suggestion would be about replacing the Ford Raptor we currently in PD - 

    Current version we have of the raptor is very scuffy, Can walk through some of the body panels, The car is actully 4 door but you only see 2 doors. the car itself is a 4 seater and people can sit in the back but there are no actual doors on the back. Current version also isent so good on offloading the suspension is not bouncy/offloady and is stiff like a sports car. 

    New Version would be a REALLY nice addition to the amazing fleet of vehicles we have right now and we could use it aswell. This is something i think everyone would love but this is the sole reason we have made this post to see what YOU as the Community think and want. 

    Here is a small clip i suggest everyone watch it the car is amazing looking and it would be a great addition. https://www.reddit.com/r/NoPixel/comments/czwewe/raideds_car_menu_soon_and_bcso_truck_wip/ 

    Thank you for your time for reading this please leave your thoughts below. 

    Thank you 

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    +! The old one is never used and it has so many issues... Please, we would be so grateful... Doesn't even need to be another offroad vehicle, maybe just a standard plain pickup truck for hauling around barriers and other stuff...

    Edited by AlphaBravoCheesecake
    I didn't look at the link
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    1 hour ago, dale0607 said:

    Remove all imports. Only use Local cars

    The Civilian population would explode also I dont believe that is the long term solution.  There will always be times where people from all groups will want new or more cars its just about being able to manage them properly and fix any immediate issues if necessary. 

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    • *Senior Management
    1 hour ago, Nardah said:

    I looked and can not find a half decent replacement for the raptor. https://i.imgur.com/fctUpqS.gif

    I'll take the current one over the one you can't even tell the lights are flashing. 

    The one suggested is nice, sure, but it's not available anywhere. 

    I'll try and find it and send it to you Nardah! 

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