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    34 minutes ago, yA_diG said:

    Wiping the economy risks losing all the people we have. A lot of people come on randomly after long periods of break. If they come back and everything they worked on is gone, that probably won't go to helping the community. I think that a few people should control the drug distributions and that will make RP flow from those people and trickle down. Having Family's run certain drugs can create the RP we have been looking for.  Give it to people who have shown they can RP and don't "give" it to them. Sell it to them so they don't make oogles of money, just a fair price.


    It was like this once before (with certain families getting drugs) and it was imo the best our city was.


    Like you said, it was like this once before. I was even one of the people that got the drugs at one point. Granted now that I have time to think deeper into it I can see what I did wrong and ways to make it even better. But I don't see the "controlled" things happening again, even if the eco wipe everyone is talking about happens. On the topic of just giving it to them, it was not just given to us. I had to spend time in the "lab" creating the cocaine that was then distributed to my sellers who then moved it on to their street dealers. It was never free. I just wish it would have given me more than ONE at a time so I didn't have to spend HOURS in the lab making the drugs in order to keep up with demand.

    I would love to see it being a full JOB where the players themselves can hire and fire people as they see fit instead of having to get the admin team involved to add a steam hex into the code to access the lab. We waited MONTHS for this to happen when we first got control of it. Having a whole "infrastructure" to the job could make it be more of a cartel type RP where the boss has full control over who can access what parts of the organization, cooking, cleaning money, distribution, etc. etc. 


    There was awhile there that I tried to get a locker of some sort to dump money into that disappeared on a weekly basis. I give ZERO fucks about the money, yeah it's nice to have but I want the RP more than I want the money.


    There is soooo much that could be done with this and I've even thrown a few ideas back and forth with the higher ups to get either the big "NO" or just no response at all. I love this place and love to see it thrive, but as of right now it is going downhill very fast.

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    Honestly I really do think a whitelist with an Eco wipe is the next logical step to improve roleplay over all, or maybe a different approach to people who are violating rules/abusing mechanics. I feel like the idea that being banned once makes you a shitlord and that puts a label on people and immediately causes others to look down on them. At the end of the day we have to all remember that this IS a community and we are all here to have fun. Since this Is a public server and you will most likely find people who don't exactly understand how to roleplay, now instead of shitting on that person and making them feel unwanted as a roleplayer, long standing members should be setting an example so people who are fresh can start to grasp an idea. If you are a long standing member of BigCity you should be past the point of always wanting a gunfight or just bandwagon onto a manhunt because someone tried to kidnap some random ass person you just met. You should be setting that example no mater what job or what character you have, take critique, learn from your mistakes, and show others how to be better. So if your character consistently makes people not want to interact with you as a roleplayer, you need to reassess your roleplay. That should apply to everyone who reads it because I can guarantee your roleplay is not perfect, there is always room to grow. 

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    2 hours ago, yA_diG said:

    Wiping the economy risks losing all the people we have. A lot of people come on randomly after long periods of break. If they come back and everything they worked on is gone, that probably won't go to helping the community. I think that a few people should control the drug distributions and that will make RP flow from those people and trickle down. Having Family's run certain drugs can create the RP we have been looking for.  Give it to people who have shown they can RP and don't "give" it to them. Sell it to them so they don't make oogles of money, just a fair price.


    It was like this once before (with certain families getting drugs) and it was imo the best our city was.

    And Like I said you can't do this without a eco wipe. I know for a fact that you wouldn't be okay with losing your stuff just based off your answer. Who cares they "worked hard for it". Everyone needs to learn this is GTA RP...NOT WORLD OF WARCRAFT. And I will reiterate, you can't just slap someone as a drug kingpin and not wipe the economy first. That would be the most unfair thing of all time. 

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    When the drugs were run by a family some people were upset coz they felt it was part of favoritism. 
    When we get something to enjoy in this city for example guns and drugs, no matter whos hands it landed somebody abuses the system and we all get punished for it by removing it.
    The moment people starts to ruin economy by changing the market price everything cracks.
    At one point the drugs costs 3k or how much it was and all of the sudden someone is selling it for a 1000.
    People just do what they do best and its to think about themselves individualy nomatter what the costs. This costs us the true roleplay.

    The whole thing about this being a public server doesnt mean that you are gonna be an ass and break rules. 
    When you enter a "roleplay server" are you really that stupid to think there is no rules? Ofc there is.
    Some people just wants to "shitlord" intentionally and deliberately which also makes the entire mess.
    When people get "punished" for their stupidity they should be punished and hard enough so they can feel it.
    We all see the same criminals doing same shit repeatedly and they been banned multiple times.
    Cops dont even go on duty anymore. many go on LOA and some quit. 

    Where are we lacking?

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    As someone who has been here for over 4 years and has seen the up's and down's of this community I will say there are always things that can improve with in any community.  Currently being an outsider with what exactly the staff of the community is working on for the server I will say this I do believe the economies inflation is an issue worth addressing and with any issue it should be addressed as a group and with progressive ideas to make this community RP experience the best it can be.  But I don't believe calling someone a "Smart Ass" is going help resolve anything.  Also there are many other places people can go I don't believe people understand here that there are other places you can go play at.  This is a luxury not a requirement, unless you have any abilities to actually contribute or impact the problems being addressed then simply insulting people does not help anything.  Especially people who have no idea the struggles with coding and or what developers and management have to do to resolve problems and constantly being asked for shit to be added.  Or being an Owner and having the most impossible job of trying to make everyone happy.  What I would end off on is this just be understanding that if you are identifying an issue in the community that staff and management probably have already identified it as well, resolutions to things take time and are not as easy as copy paste.  But the petty insults should stop if you want to be taken seriously as a voice for resolutions.

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    Economy wipe is one thing, constant breaking of rules is another thing and lack of announcement about what’s happening behind the scenes is a third thing. These all takes a huge part on how we thrive as a community. Who says an eco wipe alone will make the roleplay better? Who says that the lack of info from management will or the constant breaking of rules.

    As a community and a lot of us still around it means we all want the same thing. To have that vision  and goal with the intent to provide high quality roleplay. 

    We state our opinion weather it’s a positive or negative ones for one reason. To reach that goal. All issues or concerns should be addressed. Addressed as a group of what? Management group or community group as a whole? 

    For me atleast what I have noticed from the management side and been hearing from other member is that lack of communication in what is happening and not just the bad ones but the good part as well. I dont doubt for one second they are not doing something great but let it out so people knows that there is something amazing in the waits. 

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    I think a huge step in making things perfect would be. 


    1. Go back to just 32 person servers. Develop OOC two - three main gangs per city. Have them only play in that city. Give the two - three families access to high level drugs (cocaine, extasy, heroin, whatever, potentially one drug per family. Family A - cocaine Family B - Heroin etc. ). If you want to be a part of one of those families, ideal, but organically small clans pop up. We need support for these gangs in whatever they need to be successful. I'd suggest weekly or monthly meetings with Family heads OOC and IC. We need mega role-players to run families and I think we should have one female-head per city so we have women in charge as well.  If we OOC gang creation and set them-up with structure, we can really drive some creative, in-game roleplay. 


    2. Add/delete cars randomly 2-3 times a year.  


    3. Increase speeds of cars again, including police. Was way more fun to drive when you could go over 200 mph! 


    I don't think a eco wipe is the answer, but I do think that OOC created gangs per city that are supported by management and also a close watch of these people. To whom much is given, much is expected philosophy. The big servers are fun as hell, but they create a stand around RP situations imo and we can't add or delete cars which makes the city dry in terms of car fun. 

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    • *Owner

    So to respond to as many of the things ive see in this thread, here goes.


    First no one was talking down to anyone, I was simply taken back at Alfies post as he I am sure is aware of things we talk about in TS and Discord and things we are working on. Yes many of those things have been put on the back burner, Nardah has been working on some bug fixes, more importantly things you dont get to see, like migrating the data from text format to SQL, which is a major pain in the ass.

    By doing this, it gives us more control and consistency on how stuff is stored and saved. Lots of people have items that have just disappeared as an example. So doing this will not only fix that issue, but also makes it easier to log, follow and see exactly what happened to the item.


    We are mostly adults here I hope, so if your going to respond like an asshole, dont respond at all.


    Also we have talked a long time about the Whitelist, over that time I have had many people come to me saying a whitelist server will make the RP just too dry, they liked the restricted servers when we first started them, I believe even Alfie was one that mentioned that along with many others, so the big push for it kinda fell off.

    But one of the big things for me was the best way to address the current economy fairly, its nothing to argue about, we all see it and most like me dont like the way it is, but its not as cut and dry as you think to make a community as big and diverse as this happy no matter what way you go, hard to please everyone...But I am confident we can try.


    On another note, having rare cars or items I guess was cool at one point, but as time went on and people starting to sell these things for crazy amounts didnt help, it started to get out of hand.

    As an example, lets take the P1... So it was a car that was requested to put in and I think at that time it started at about 20m, very few were sold. It was a rare car, but not many people wanted it back then.

    Over time, we have seen the price go from 30m, 50m, then 80m... At that point we talked about putting it into the shop, but we were met by many people that owned them, some in this thread (please dont put it in, or are you putting it in????) So we kept it out of the shop, we didnt want people to lose tens of millions from bad deals... But slowly the price climbed even further, 100m, 140m, I think currently someone told me 220m for a P1 now? Seriously? The prices are just insane, if you think we did this on purpose, you are highly mistaken.


    For me, at this point on these servers, an eco wipe is like putting a band-aid on a gun shot wound. People will still have millions and millions of dollars in cars and before you know it, the market will be flooded with them again selling for crazy prices and we will be back to square one. So this is not a fix.


    So on these servers, the answer is no a wipe will not work..

    We have just as many people as you guys that come on here to RP and have fun on the current servers, that would like to continue in them as they are with few changes and adjustments which will happen shortly, we can address some of those issues and keep it going well.


    Someone said I been talking about 2.0 for a year? That is not true, we have talked about a WL for over a year, yes, but 2.0 is something we started talking about and taken seriously just a couple months now. It would be a clean slate, restricted server, new economy, new characters, new jobs, no community support perks, no handouts of prio for OG players, no favoritism by anyone for anything.. You want something, you work for it.

    Drugs and locations, illegal activity, PD,EMS,MECH jobs and some interiors and new legal jobs and activities will be much different then what we have here.

    Nothing you have will be transferred to these servers and everything you have will remain on the current servers.. It will be 100% based on RP and activity..


    2.0 will be based on interaction, more freedom, less restriction and will be dependent on certain players to do certain activities, legal and illegal.


    I am not posting this to change anyone here that has made there mind up on how they feel, this is a free country, you are not a prisoner here. But we have absolutely no issue in addressing things that need to be changed and should be changed. Alot of the concerns posted here are ours as well, so no one is far from what vision we have for the community.


    Nobody here, in management or myself, has anything against people of this community speaking up, but doing it respectfully, like an adult is the utmost important thing to do.

    Sometimes its not what you say, its how you say it.


    As I always have said for 5 years, my Dms are open to all, if something I can address directly, I have no issue doing so.

    I am closing the thread, it will be here to read,  if you have a suggestion post it in that thread. If you have a concern, message me. When we are ready, everyone will be able to work with us on the final stages. An announcement will be made then.


    Thank you




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