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  • New clothing/tool store (potential)


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    Hello to whoever wants to read this suggestion and provide additional ideas or feeback:


    On Great Ocean Highway heading north (zip code 908), there is a gun store and tattoo shop on the Chumash pier/neighborhood. In that same parking lot, there is a clothing store that has a fully functional interior, but no option to actually purchase or change into new clothes. With that being said, I think it would be a great idea to add a clothing store in that specific location, which I have shown in the picture attached below. Directly next to this clothing store is a store named 'Hardware' that is not currently used for anything. I also think this could be a great spot for another Tool store location, as the only 3 are in paleto, in town, and in sandy on the eastside. Either one of these additions would bring traffic to this area/west part of the city that rarely gets love (aside from speeding by). Even just one of these would be a huge addition to this part of the city imo.


    I believe the clothing shop is the most realistic addition since the interior is already there. This would go great with the tattoo parlor, ammunation, and market that is all relatively near that parking lot, if not in it.


    Just a suggestion, feel free to chop it up or add your 2 cents. Thanks for reading.



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    I think it would also be nice to have some sort of restaurant in that area plenty of parking space there but also add more stuff to the server for making the food in a restaurant not just the burgers it could make for more legal jobs and add even more rp to people the backside would also make a nice addition for truckers to back up and unload to the restaurant and shops maybe even add a forklift and the thing on the back of trailers that drop down to the ground to unload    

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