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    Luke Grim was born in a small town outside the Swedish capital of Stockholm. He lived with his Swedish father, American Mother and older sister. Both his mother and father had driven in Swedish local series of Folk race, and his father had started to compete nationally in Rally and Rallycross before Luke was born. So, it is no coincidence that a love for loud engines and fast speeds ran in the family blood.


    At just the age of 6 he got to try driving go-kart, and his parents could see that the boy had a natural talent behind the wheel. During his childhood he rather spend time with his dad in their garage, working on his dad's Rallycross car, rather than playing soccer with the rest of his school mates. This led to Luke not having a lot of friends when growing up. But he did not care, as long as he could be around what he loved, the sound and speed of engines.


    But despite not having a lot of friends, there was someone that caught his eyes when he turned 13. A few houses down the road, Leah lived. She was just a year younger than him, and she started to go with his family and watch when Luke competed in Go-Kart and Rallycross. Luke had started to become a recognized name in the youth racing scene in Sweden, and at the age of 15 he became Nordic Youth Champion in Rallycross.


    Another 2 years past, Luke and Leah’s relationship grew stronger. Leah was pregnant with their first child, and Luke had started to drive in the Nordic Senior leagues with good success. But then things started to take a turn. His father who had supported him got diagnosed with bone cancer, his mother lost her job, and just in a few weeks their whole world as they knew it was turned upside down. To be able to keep paying all the costs of his racing he started to do street races.


    One rainy night when Luke was in town, he got approached by a gang that wanted him to race him. He knew that he should be on his way home, because Leah had gone to the movies with his Sister, and the movie was soon done, and he wanted to be home before her.


    But he needed the money, so they agreed to race. Total of 3 cars.


    They started to race and drove through the city. After a few minutes they came in high speed towards a 4-way cross. The light was Red, but the cars floored it.


    Luke did a fast manoeuvre to avoid a car that was waiting at the lights and so did also the 2nd car without any issues. Then from the right side, a blue car that had green light turned out, and the 3rd car was not able to steer away and crashed into it.


    With the accident being in the middle of the city, the EMS arrived at the scene very fast. They could tell rather instantly that neither the 3rd car that was racing, or the blue car had any chance to survive the crash.


    Luke and the 2nd car did not see that 3rd car crashed and kept going. Luke won the race and was very happy.


    When he got home, he noticed that Leah had not yet come home.


    About half an hour later the phone rang. It was from the hospital.


    They asked who Luke was, and said they were sorry to inform that Leah had been in a car accident. That her car had been hit in a crossing and that neither she, their baby or his sister survived the crash.


    When he realized that it was the car from the race that had crashed into her, he blamed himself and swore to never race again. Devastated with the loss of his love, their unborn child and his sister, he felt that he lost his will to live. Then just 6 months later his father passed away from the cancer:


    His mother saw how Luke started to shut everyone out and was afraid that he was afraid that he would get into trouble and something bad might happen to him. So, she tried to figure out what she could do to prevent this. She knew she needed to do something radical. She had a niece in New York that they have had a lot of contact with during the years. Could this be what the family needed, to go there and restart their life.

    So, she sold their house outside Stockholm, and flew over to her family.


    What will happen now with Luke in New York City?

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    Welcome to the city brother.

    Make sure you join the discord along with download TeamSpeak in the event you have any issues hop up into support. Where the wonderful Administration can assist you as you need. There are several guides throughout the forums as well make sure you take a look through them. Welcome!

    Sounds like an intricate all be it sad story brother.

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