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The Sons of Anarchy MC was a small motorcycle club started by John Teller. He and his friends who served in the vietnam war. John's vision was for the club to be peaceful somewhere people can go to if they are afraid. After his death Clay Morrow, his right hand man took the patch as president for the Charming SOA. John Teller's wife married clay and her son Jax Teller was the Vice President of the club. After years and years of Jax doing everything for the club he snapped and faked his own death. He came to New York to start a new life but just couldn't take of the SOA cut so he started a New York city charter where the take part in various criminal activities such as Gun smuggling, Drug Trafficking, and even Murder and Extortion. After the President Dale was locked up for life Jax took back the president patch and is now running all of the New York charters


• Joining Process •

When invited into the club you will go thru a Hang Around period. Which is where you earn enough trust to be voted in as a prospect. As a prospect you will have to earn your patch from this point by doing task for the MC. Being patched in is based on how much your around and how many jobs you complete with the patched members during the two week prospect period.


"Brains Before Bullets"


If you would like to join or you have questons email me @JaxonT#4205

We are recruiting so please email me if you'd like




Jax Teller


Vice President

Makya Wolf-Heart

Sgt At Arms

Mike Luongo



Elvira Von-Teese

Alex White

Julian Miller

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