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Michael Morris: A Bio

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Michael Morris is not one of those locals who would just run away when there is trouble.


He is also not one of those people who would run around with a gang, shooting and robbing stores and people all the time.


Then who is he?


Morris came from San Paro, a city where criminals and enforcers are at war with each other. Morris grew up being told to stay away from people, since you cannot tell if they are here to murder, mug, or arrest for being a suspected criminal. He never was a criminal, but one of his former friends was. Morris wanted out of the city to avoid getting killed, but he didn't know where to go. Chicago? Miami? He didn't know.


First Morris decided to move to Los Angeles, where he met a acquaintance whom he sometimes drive around with. Morris would sometimes take him to a parking garage to hang around with some females. At one point, he was brought along to a store robbery almost gone wrong. At that point, Morris started to get into the criminal life and started doing some criminal work himself.


While he was running around with his acquaintance, Morris was shown the location to a weed farm, where he started to make weed himself ever since and selling them to people on the street. At first, it was going well until he became careless.


Police started chasing him when he was caught selling weed on multiple occasions. When Morris was not selling, he murdered locals. Police chased him over that. More and more on those events, Morris became a known criminal all over Los Angeles. But the question is, is he really a tough criminal who would fight the police?


Morris was known by anyone who've met him as a soft and idiotic criminal. He might think otherwise. The truth is, Morris can not hear perfectly well. He might try to be tough, but if a gang pulls up on him, he will surrender immediately.


After a while of doing crime and getting robbed by other criminals, it was time to quit the criminal life. It was time to move to a new city and start off clean. Maybe he could be able to gain much more money than he ever did hustling as a low-life criminal.


He was right. After arriving in New York, he began his new life as a taxi driver, just not as a good one. He did crash his taxi a few times, most of which was not caused by him. Morris was still caught trying to steal cars, but it was only because he needed to go around the city faster without the taxi. Luckily, NYPD left only him with warnings. Morris is still the soft idiot, but not as a criminal for a short while.


When Morris found out about a weed farm around the state, he spent the time looking for it. Days later, he had finally found it. When he went inside the farm, Morris realized that if he starts selling weed again, history will repeat itself. Police will arrest him, get caught up in chases, and getting robbed by others again. Luckily, only one other person knows about what Morris knows, but not what he intend to do.


Because of Morris's discovery of the weed farm, he decided to keep it a secret from law enforcement and other locals of the city while consuming what he produce himself. No one would expect a taxi driver to know about a weed farm, correct?

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