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Kevin Baldra  was born in Brooklyn, NY. He spent his childhood in Brownsville section of Brooklyn. With all the bad influence in the neighborhood Kevin wanted to be like all the older people he looked up to. He then started selling drugs at the age 16 and was sent to a juvenile detention center for several months for possession of a controlled substance. While inside the Juvenile Detention Center Kevin noticed a few people from his hood and started to hang with them. After a few weeks of being with them Kevin joined a gang called M8V3N and earned his respect within the gang by fighting. After being released from the Juvenile Center his ways never changed. He went back to selling drugs but learned new ways to make money by creating false credit cards/Scamming make 50k every week. Kevin began to have a taste for expensive items from 20k watches to 2.5M cars. The Federal government has been watching Kevin for months and finally cracked down on him and several other his friends sending them away for a few years. kevin received the least amount of time which was 7 yrs while others face 15+. 

       After Kevin's release from prison he thought about changing his life around from his old negative lifestyle but never changed. He's met a guy named Ty Mellrose which they became real close as if they were brothers. Kevin felt need to watch his back 24/7 because there was tons of rival gang members around and hanging with Ty, Kevin knew he was safe because Ty was a shooter. He knew if he was ever in trouble he could call on Ty. Kevin gets a girlfriend named wynter and has a big change to his life. Her Brother and him created a organized crime family they called the SAINTS. With the new lifestyle Kevin is enjoying his life but is still playing with it as well he's been on probation for 7yrs and completed 3 so far and is still out there hustling getting to the bag. unknown.thumb.png.068443dc1cb2322597c106ce4bc70a10.png

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