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     TJ's life started rougher than any normal persons life would've. With a broken household TJ never had proper guidance from a young age causing him to hang with rougher crowds. While hanging around with the gang of the neighbor hood he would do their dirty work in an attempt to fit in until one day during a drug deal he had a gun pulled on him, while he escaped with his life the gangs were furious. They beat him until they felt like he had learned a lesson about going into a deal alone and unprotected. That day changed TJ, after his only friends brought him to the brink of death over a few baggies of drugs he decided not to leave and try to start over, but instead to get his hands on a gun and attempt to prove his worth. He continued to do business for the gang but now he was armed and dangerous. After a few deals he met the same man on the streets that robbed him that night, the same man who made his "friends" turn on him. He walk up behind him full of anger and hate and emptied the magazine into his back, this action not only opened his mind to the harsh reality of life but it also made TJ feel numb to pain. The old TJ would've never killed a man but the gang life changes people for the worst...TJ had not yet realized this.


      Days in the gang became weeks and weeks became months, he had finally earned the respect of the gangs. He had everything he thought he wanted until one day he woke up and felt like a different man. He remembered all of the people who beat him that day, the people who made him feel helpless. With the anger and hatred flowing through TJ he remembered that the only people he considered family almost killed him for what seemed like nothing. TJ snapped, he picked up the gun at his bedside and stared at it, as those thoughts went through his head and the night he was beaten continued to play on repeat in his head he got up and killed every man who had wronged him. After doing so he had no where to go, his family wanted nothing to do with him after his affiliation with the gangs and he had just murdered all of his "friends". He wandered the streets, he was in shock at what he had done, part of him was scared of what people would think if they found out but the other part of him was happy, he had brought justice to those who had wronged him and for the first time in his life he felt at piece.


     As he was waling down the street a cop pulled onto the street behind him. The cop approached TJ and immediately cuffed him, took his gun and threw him in the car. TJ was confused and angered until he looked down at his shirt for the first time since the incident, his white shirt was half blood stained from the bodies on his hands. He was put into prison for murder after the police connected all of the dots on his background. Long years in jail began to sink in with TJ, he was done with the gang life, the fake friends and the fake family they provided were nothing more than a distraction attempt to make you turn a blind eye to the horrible things you were doing. Upon his release from jail he decided to live his own life the way he wanted to for the first time. He worked his was to Tampa Florida where he fell in love with the scenery and the people it had to offer.


     One day while wandering the streets of Tampa he found a mech shop and decided to pay it a visit, there he met a man named JJ who he became great friends with. JJ was his first real friend he had ever had and after getting to know each other better and JJ hearing his life story could see that he was a good man, a changed man, would wouldn't take shit from anyone. JJ offered him to venture north with him and become Vice President of Havoc MC. JJ explained that an MC was not a gang or a fake family, an MC is a brotherhood of people who would die for each other if they had to. TJ was exited, he saw this as a fresh start and a chance at having a real family. He took JJ's offer and Traveled north to NYC to start a new chapter not only for him, but for Havoc MC. bikerpatchtest2.png?width=677&height=677

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