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Raven Sanosuke

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  1. Sweets / Snacks
  2. Spending time with friends
  3. Summer / Hot Weather
  4. Children
  5. Gaming



  1. Lazy People / Being Lazy
  2. Overachievers
  3. Winter ( Unless there is someone to keep her warm )
  4. Traveling
  5. Boring People



Sarcastic - Raven is heavily sarcastic, never really taking anyone aside from her superiors seriously. This sarcasm, of course, makes her seem condescending which isn't too far from the truth. Most cases happen when she is trying to explain something to some one who fails to understand her point. Or if she is talking with someone who asks a question they should otherwise know her answer to. It isn't one of her most attractive traits, but it is safe to say that her being sarcastic with you doesn't mean she completely hates you or anything like that.

Passive-aggressive - One of the main traits of her personality is her passive-aggressiveness. She can be subtly(or not) insulting toward most people, often disguising her insults(or not). Most of the time Raven doesn't directly insult someone with harsh words, but rather words with double meanings. She may  comment on someone's looks, something that initially seems harmless but is really insulting their weight. There is also the victimization, Raven's tendency to ignore her own weaknesses while blaming another for her failures.


Loyal - Raven is doggedly loyal to her superiors and friends. While she has many flaws, she may completely ignore them in a situation that required her to help a friend. Normal people she may come off as a passive-aggressive bitch, with her friends or superiors she is almost completely different. She knows better than to ruin things with an attitude she can fix herself. Because of this, she puts these people above her own self.


Tenacious - If there is one thing Raven will never do, it's give up. Regardless of the situation and no matter how dire it may seem, if there is a purpose in her mind she will never stop until the very end. This may simply be her stubbornness, but it is actually deeply ingrained in her mind. Give her a difficult puzzle, she will not stop until she has finished it completely. 


People Pleaser - Once Raven meets someone, even if she hasn't known them for long, she will do just about anything humanly possible to make sure they're happy or on good terms with her or like her as a person. Sometimes it goes against what someone else says and she tries to patch it but before it explodes back on her. In most cases, she has to make tough decisions that go against her personality. 



Every great endeavor always starts as small actions before the accumulation of seemingly insignificant acts give rise to the stories of feats which fueled the tales of the legendary heroes of yore. Armed with only the skills they have honed in times of great stress and strife, brave men and women risked their lives for reasons only they themselves know, trudging forward even if the odds looked grim. Should they fail, people would say that they were cursed or destined to fall; and if they succeeded, they were praised and hailed as ‘Chosen Ones’ or those who have acquired the blessing of the gods through unknown means.

In a world full of rationality, a majority of the people have come to learn the undeniable fact that, in reality, the ancient myths and legends of infallible heroes were crafted by those who refused to believe that human beings are capable of many great things – people who freely and often willingly substituted divine providence and magic in place of simple hard work, ingenuity, and dedication.

While it may be true that the almighty forces may have had a hand during a hero’s trying times, only those who help themselves live long enough to ask themselves that question. Even the greatest legends of all time started out as simple men and women who had nothing but the penchant to work harder and dream bigger than the rest. Thus, this brings to mind one certain truth: the truth that legends are not born, but they are willed into existence.


A bright and cheerful young girl was born from the town of Kyoto, Japan. She was born to a Japanese father and a Hispanic mother, both of whom very loving and caring for their eldest daughter.

As a young girl growing up in Kyoto, Raven was viewed by the community as a well-rounded child who played happily with the other children, did exceptionally well academically, and acted as a good influence to her friends as served as their de facto leader and frequently reminded them to study first so they can have all the time to play afterwards. She even took up football as a sport despite the fact that she was not good at it just to show her friends that human beings were too full of potential to be their own obstacles in doing what they want to do. All in all, she was a good daughter, a good friend, and above all a good person.

Despite the happy time she spent, there was something missing in her life and she felt the need to spread her wings and move to a big city out of the country. Thus, she made the decision to move to New York City in the USA.

It took her longer than expected to learn the English language so making friends was difficult for a while. Her first year at High School, she met three close friends who were the only people she hung around with. They were patient with her trying to overcome the language barrier and quickly grew to become her best and only friends.

The group of friends continued going to the same school, spending summer vacations with each other and growing closer. After graduating together, they all even decided upon going to the same college. Life seemed simply perfect...

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