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 After growing up watching her single mother struggle to keep her family afloat in her home country of the Dominican Repuclic Mia decided it was time to leave the peasant life behind.


Mia was always raised to be content with simply surviving since (as her mother always told her) life isn't about "material possessions", but she quickly realized that this way she would never be truly happy and decided she would give her family the life they truly deserve. 


At the age of 17 while catering at a goverment ball, Mia seduced the president of the Dominican Republic and black mailed him with some very explicit pictures into paying a smuggler that would get her to the land "where dreams come true".  After a rough trip to the US she landed in Miami,FL and found a job as a nanny for the horrible spoiled kids of a very wealthy family. Instead of getting discouraged by how truly rotten that family was, seeing how well they lived made her promise to herself that she would get rich by any means necesssary....6 years later she finally had the savings to move to the place every Dominican dreams of being... New York City.  


Then she realized, this is where her journey TRULY begins. 


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