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JJ Johnson - HAVOC MC pres-

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JJ Johnson President of the NYC chapter of HAVOC MC.


  Let us start with a history lesson about JJ and HAVOC MC.  JJ was introduced to the 1%er lifestyle right here in NYC many years back.   You see JJ was a prospect with the LOST MC before the Chapter here fell apart and he was forced to ride Nomad.   He left town and ended up settling down in the Tampa Bay Florida were he started working for a Mechanic Shop run By Pops and Mickey.  Pops and Mickey are the last two of the original 4 who started HAVOC MC.  Pops became the father figure JJ never had growing up.  As you guessed it JJ became a full patch member and worked up the ranks to SGT. at Arms in the Tampa Chapter.  This whole time JJ knew he wanted to return to NYC but never wanted to disappoint Pops or Mickey.


 Recently the Tampa Chapter had become the focus of a federal organized crime investigation and as part of that court case, anyone caught wearing a HAVOC MC’s “cut” could be arrested on site. Seeing the long legal battle ahead and know the clubs regular business was cut off for now, JJ asked for the blessing to start a chapter up north to send money back to help the motherland chapter. The blessing was given, and JJ knew the exact location NYC.  JJ picked two of his best friends to join in this expansion.  Tyler “TJ” Johnson and Tommy Gigante and they made the move back the NYC. 


 JJ will have many personal and business hurdles as he navigates the Big City.  Will the LOST MC show its face again and will he have to answer for dropping his affiliation?  Will the legal troubles in Tampa follow them to NYC?   Can JJ build a network great enough to assist the motherland chapter in this legal fight?  Will they ever be able to wear the official HAVOC MC cut ever again?  Is NYC ready for some HAVOC?  I guess we shall find out.


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