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Dan Grow up in a Council Estate within the UK, He lived in a 2-bedroom flat which was covered in Mould, these areas where greatly Deprived and was rained of any life within individuals. Which caused for a lot of Violence and other Illegal activities to take place. Dan Was often Beaten up by Adults and Child his own age which lead lots of scares over Dans body. The main things that anyone could do was smoke Cannabises and other drugs which caused other issues such as  regular carjacking and Assaults.

Dan’s Father has been Physically Abusing mother from early teens and Dan from early childhood. Early 2019 Dan's Father was taken by British Police and Arrested with Unlawful Wounding and Single-Blow GBH Serving 20 years imprisonment.

Dan’s Mother was a school worker Worked at a local high school and Pub to keep roof over their head before anything with the father took place. Dan was always upset with that fact both Parents where never around and would cause Dan to spend a lot of nights alone. It is more pressing then ever to make sure the move to NY works.

Dan’s Grandparents where always the Role Model for Dan growing up with both provided Lessons and love that Dan always felt he never had with his Parents. His Nan worked in the NHS has a Nurse treating injuries and providing Bed care for those that where emitted and Grandfather who was a Mechanic. They gave advice and told Dan that the World is only one step away and that there is no need to stay within one place.

Dan’s Grandfather always wanted to go Fishing and fix things within there own house which caused a great time to be spent with both Grandparents. Dan would often watch his Grandfather fixing his own car. Which caused an interest in Cars to form however whilst Dan did not car much for Fix them, he loved watching car Racing such as Formula 1.  

Dan Spent with his Grandmother was more relaxed where they would often just chat about life and eat food together, it was the Quality time Dan always craved the most, his Nan showed Dan ways to clean cuts and how to keep warm.


Dan wants to make sure that finance will not be an issue for family members wanting to visit him over within the States. 

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