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Hey everyone! New to the community :)

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Hey everyone, I'm Jessica! (known as agirlandagame online). This is my first time joining a RP community for GTA but I've been a fan of RP content for a while now. Been watching some of my favourite streamers (Berleezy, Physicalgamerz, Carmen, ThaCoop1, etc), and it really made me want to join GTA RP. Seeing how nice everyone has been reading through the forums, I think I made the right choice on starting off with this community. If anyone wants to offer and advice or anything starting out, I'd love to hear it! ^^


As for a questions: (I've been reading through the forums, but I just want to be sure.) I went into one of the public servers to set everything up, Teamspeak isn't what we use to talk? We're just voice chat in game? Also normal/whisper/shout should turn blue when my voice chat is working, correct? (I've been having some issues, as my character's mouth wasn't moving when I talked)


Thank you guys so much for answering, and I hope I can see you guys in the city, I'll be playing as Nolyn Vicors (I'll introduce her on the other forum thread). :)



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Welcome to BCRP!

Teamspeak is only used for police/EMS/tow radio really. We use in game chat here, yes. I would recommend going into your voice settings, and making sure you have the correct input/output set, make sure your voice sensitivity is up, and also in your windows sound settings, make sure whatever input/output you will be using in game are set to default for your PC.


If you are going to be using Push To Talk (recommended), make sure you are using the proper keybind to activate your voice. (N) is the default key i believe. I would suggest setting your keybind to a simple key that is easy to use. (I use mouse4 for in game, mouse3 for teamspeak)

I hope this will help you get going in the right direction, and if you have any further questions feel free to reach out either on here or even in DM's. Enjoy the RP!

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Ayy welcome to BCRP the Best community out there. If you have any question or confusion always ask in the discord #general chat. The rules https://bigcityrp.com/rules.php Read it you havent already so that you know what you should and can do so you dont get it any trouble. Other than that Welcome to the best Community ❤️ .
Also Ofc Carmen and thaCoop Fav couple carmybearrrrrr

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