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Emily Lemonseedz (Killer Character) **SPOILER**

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Posted (edited)

It was a very cold evening, The blood dripping down her 
neck from the person she had just stabbed
crying over her little sister that the cops
failed to protect, They know what they did
They knew this time would come, They didn't do anything to 
stop it, It was bound to happen
That officer seemed so nice though, Was it really his fault?
Is it really my fault for not protecting her better
We we're recruited today, We've been noticed like actually
been noticed, I don't feel anything when i stab people
or hurt them, I cry for my little sister
and the people who had hurt her, I'll never stop hunting them, The killing is starting to seem fun and I'm
not sure If I can control the built up anger, the sadness
the things my family had done and said, killing feels nice.. why does it feel nice? If I get help they'll
lock me up forever, but man I never want this to stop
I want them to feel the pain I've felt
They better watch out, We have a list
We know what you've done and we will find you.
We we're told by the organization they know everything
EVERYTHING, It isn't my fault.. It's theirs... 
Why is life such a mess
*She lays her head down with the thoughts she 
is starting to really go insane*
Blood...Want more blood.....
I-I-I am....gone...


Miss.Emily Lemonseedz

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