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Story of Ronnie Montana

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Moves to America 

Ronnie Montana - Ronnie is the 3rd Male of 7 kids.  His mother is from America and his father is from Cuba. Born in Cuba and brought to America in early March of 2019 by his younger brother Bobby with tales of great interactions and prosperity in the Big Apple.


Bobby Montana 

Bobby Montana, also known in TheBigCity as "Big Bird."  Bobby Flew into the city for the first time March of 2019 and established a close bond strictly in Brooklyn, NY with the Mau brothers and the Columbo's/Jamal Charles. The Columbo's ran the city at the time and wanted peace among the families. This worked at first but Bobby's big aspirations got in the way of his fast rise in the city.  Things were rubbing the Columbo's the wrong way. They were hearing reports of un-necessary gang violence and robberies that were shaking up the city and the safety of it's citizens.  All leading back to one person, "Big Bird." One thing led to another and Bobby got whacked. No one knows who it was, but let's just say he's swimming with the fishes now ... He disappeared in May 2019 and rumors were heard of his ghost running around, but that is it. RIP My best friend and little brother!! 


After Bobby's death / Immortals Gang
After Bobby died Ronnie didn't know what to do. He bought a house in Paleto to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and settled down. It was too hot in the city for a rookie like him. Cops were everywhere and always on his tail, usualy ending with a stint in State Prison up North. With his new found peace in Paleto,  he was able to successful carryout his import/export business and in the summer of 2019 caught a big break. He met a great friend, Mikey Roca, on the streets of Paleto.  They bumped into each other moving product and neither tried anything shady, but had a mutual respect for the lifestyles we were living at the time.  After a few more run-ins Mikey asked if Ronnie was interested in moving higher-end products for his family (Cocaine-Crystal Meth). After some thought Ronnie agreed and the next day he intoduced Ronnie to a very powerful man named "G."  Their first meeting was at the family's very luxurious mansion in the northside. Ronnie had never met anyone with a mansion at this point and was very impressed. This "G" ended up being Gustavo Fring, the fastest rising gangster in all the burrows, who was building a Gang that would change the city, known none other as the "Immortals." They hosted fights, auctions, races, import/export activities, things so organized only those there could appreciate it!!! Ronnie learned a lot from this gang, but due to some money disputes Ronnie left the gang and formed his own gang in the fall of 2019.  


Montana Mafia 
Due to the nature of those activities they cannot be discussed as advised by the families council ... 


Devon Wood aka the Rat/The setup/ Sent to the 9's 

February 2020 - One random February day Ronnie met someone that would prove to be a key figure. This person was Devon Wood, who rolls with the Benjamin Gang. Ronnie was trying to help him out and even did several exchanges of goods to build a trust.  On March 4, 2020 Devon was looking all over the city for Ronnie and contacting all the Montana Mafia members with him asap so he could do a deal with him. When Ronnie finally flew in they setup a deal. It was for the exchange of an assault rifle and meth. Meth that, the day before Devon had sold Ronnie for a discounted price so he could get rid of it for some unknown reason. But, what that reason turned out to be was that Devon had turned government informant. It was a set-up. The cops were there on scene and a huge police chase ensued in Ronnie's C63 Mercedes with newcomer Charles Valentine in the passenger seat. The car broke down and while no gunshots were exchanged and no police were injured Ronnie Montana got sent to the 9's. He was in there for thirty years before he could work out a deal that and it still cost him $1,000,000 fine.


Timmy Toolahan
Since Ronnie was in prison and un-able to find a lawyer which lengthened his sentence to an un-bearable amount of time (over 30 years) he had to relinquish control of the gang to his ultimate right hand man, Timmy Toolahan. Timmy comes from Portmarnack, Ireland and has proven to be a truth worthy ally in a city full of rats.  Through everyday phone calls and secret code language, Ronnie was able to keep in touch with the gang.  The up and comer in the city Charles Valentine would also be-friend Timmy and a crazy string of events would befall Timmy and Charles Valentine.


Charles Valentine / Toni Catoni family 
With Ronnie in prison, Charles ventured off on his own as he was never affiliated with the Montana Mafia. He arrived in New York City the day before Ronnie got sent to the 9's. He was quickly picked up by Tony Catoni and the Catoni Family.  They brought him in and inevitably brought in Timmy as well. They formed a close bond, but quickly fell through when Charles shot Toni Catoni in the face. Toni has since recovered with plastic surgery, but because his face is so ugly he doesn't come out into the city anymore.


Charles joins the Eastside Crips/Formation of the Northside Crips
Charles would eventually hook up with the Eastside Crips. They took him under his wing and he was becoming affiliated with the gang. Due to reasons unknown to the author/and or too private to discuss (not sure which), things didn't work out with the Eastside Crips as planned.  Charles wanted something more in his line with his vision on what he wanted the gang to be.  Around this same time Ronnie Montana was finally getting out of prison. The two of them decided to form the Northside Crips. They would run the northside and wear the blue colors.  In the beginning the Eastside Crips weren't  taking too well to Charles departure. There was major war all over the City. It was madness with gunfights day and night for 3 weeks straight.  Things even escalated to drive by shootings in Mirror Park during the night with children inside. The ruthlessness was savage. Due to all the lives lost they decided to make peace and fight alongside each other and battle the other gangs of the city together. They are currently working on long-term peace agreements and coordination.  Not long after the bloodshed, the Eastside Crips threw a major block party where peace was had by all Crips ... 


Building up the Northside Crips
Getting good dedicated member is challenging. If this sounds like you and you want to get involved in an organized gang then hit us up for an interview and tryout today. We want to make the city better by throwing our events at our family Mansion (usually pool parties) and having cool car shows/races! Also do some on the side jobs that will get the adrenaline pumping!! 
yAdiG#6728  Charles#1509

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