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David Gunzz (D for Short)

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Always fascinated with the world of art, David Gunzz peruses the life of an artist. Unfortunately, due to his life situations in his youth, D never had the grades, teachings, or assets to fully chase after his dream.


At a young age, D was always getting into trouble for no doing what he needed to do. He would wander around aimless and carelessly with his head up in the clouds. He wouldn't care for much until, he was accepted for the type of person that he was without the labels of those who thought they knew better to interfere with his perception of himself. Unfortunately,  he was accepted by others who had ties to the streets.


After finding out who he was and learning how to move in the streets, D moved from place to place until he was able to stand on his own.


Although D is very talented, he struggles with taking the steps to become a financially stable artist. So he results to what he use to do best to survive....Hustling. It does not matter what job it is as long as it pays, D is up for it. Which constantly makes him battle with his thoughts of morality. He often wonders if his choices will ultimately lead him to where he wants to be in his life. the constant push and pull between his decisions always seem to leave him pondering.


"I am I doing what I need to do to survive?" he thinks to himself. "Or am I just caught in a never ending cycle that I can find my way out of?".


However D knows one thing, and that is that he cant stay stagnant. He has to do what he thinks he is right to survive and acquire the funds to invest into his art career in order to live the successful life that he always dreamt about. Hopefully he'll meet a few friends/Partners along the way to share his wealth with once he makes it


...If he makes it.

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