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  • Fires and expanding EMS.

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    The FDNY is one of the best medical services we have, but I'd like to give them more variety in their operations and vehicles beyond jut having an ambulance. One thing that would be nice to see again would be fire trucks and vehicles to combat fires or even offer support in medical operations.


    We have the firefighter uniforms, but it would be cool to have house fires that EMS can respond to in the city. Perhaps even make arson a potential crime using gasoline and equipment. 


    I've already vouched for more police uniforms, but I'd also like more for EMS as well.



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    • *Management


    Arson is cool in theory, but it would need to be VERY carefully implemented. It would need a cool down for sure. Only certain things can be set fire. Whatever is set fire (ie. house, car, store ect) can not be accessed for X amount of time, or until the investigation has been wrapped up at least. And a whole bunch more to keep it from being abused. 

    A couple things that come to mind that firefighters could deal with; ^ the arson stuff, if you wreck really bad - your car catches fire, blowing up while at a cook house, accidents at a gas station, maybe something can go wrong at the oil fields, things of that nature. 

    Id personally love both to happen, but i really dont see it, in public servers anyways. Not really much RP would happen with setting peoples stuff on fire lol. And Firefighters i kind of dont see them being needed often enough to keep them busy, and they would get bored of it and quit

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    • *Management

    The original idea we had when we first tried to bring Firefighters along side Doctors , was when 3 ems are on duty the firefighter could switch to Engine 5. We had a script that wound set off alerts / fires in locations and all responders had to respond. But unfortunately, it was either a campfire sized fire that 90% of the time was out by the time we got there, or an interior fire at the epsilion house that couldnt be put out. 

    Arson, yes would be abused so fast. As Billy state above it needs to be implemented very carefully. Cool-downs much like house robberies. 

    the fire fighter uniform would need to have a special input to not have it catch fire as quick 


    In the end, There is a lot that needs to be done to make it actually worth while. I honestly cant see it returning anytime soon

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