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After Moe and Tyrone left the Royals behind, they pondered on the future path they may take. Moe recalled his childhood and teenage years, thinking about his father's alias, "Flowers," and how some of his family back in LA might still be around--even on his mother's side. Even though he lost his mother and father, his mother's brother, Stefano Diveroli, was still walking. Moe didn't know how to get in contact with Stefano as Moe last heard he was in Vegas helping run a casino business as a loan shark. After doing some research with his cousin Joey, Moe found the casino Stefano worked at and narrowed down his search after asking some questions. It was only until Moe took a flight to Chicago and had to do some digging around to gain some solid information. Once the Chicago Outfit, ran by Anthony Spilotro "Tony the Ant," got put to an end, Stefano had been in Queens, New York, laying low for the past 16 years. At a bar in Chicago, Moe met a Made Man from the Chicago Outfit that provided Stefano's number. Moe immediately went to call. He was shocked to hear the voice of his uncle. Very skeptically, Stefano agreed to meet with Moe after flying back to New York. They met at the Bean Machine to talk about family and business. Stefano thought of the opportunities that could bring their family name back into the arms dealing game. Moe, Tyrone, and Joey were accepted with open arms by Stefano into the Diveroli family; forming a new crew. Their focus would be primarily arms dealing. There couldn't be a structured scheme that could destroy the family; it had to be a teamwork effort. Moe already had the ammunation still under his name and knew this operation could work again--but better. The Brothers In Arms Inc. business started, instantly boomed, and money was coming in. Venus and Bailey, Tyrone and Joey's wives, would help push the business front under managerial positions. This was a good time for the Diverolis as their skepticism on their business would have possibly resulted in failure. As they linked up with other successful families, more opportunities opened. An extended hand to a familiar face, Daniel Petrov, brought another close ally into the family.


Focused on business, the Diveroli family have truly made their presence known in New York City.

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