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Johnathan "Johnny Blaze" Blase

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Johnny's father Keith Blase was a gang banger/drug dealer that would often get into deals but he would often spend time with his children as much as he can, hoping that they would not share his path that he had to take. Johnny's mother Helen Logan was kind of the neighborhood gold digger and only saw her children as income and would not often spend time in raising them. Something that still bothers Johnny towards this day. Keith had gotten arrested for murder and was to serve 20 years in person. Missing most of his children's lives and leaving their mother to raise them.  She decided to drop them off at their uncle's house. when their uncle decided to drop them off, The place was emptied out including their own stuff such as their toys and Johnny's video games. Johnny was devastated and felt unloved as a result this also started his hatred for his mother.


 His uncle and his aunt became their parent figures over the years considering their mother was no longer around.
His uncle was a mechanic who had his shop and sometimes street racers would often come in to get their cars fixed. This is where Johnny's interest in cars started. as he grew into his teen years, He started to get into smoking weed and eventually would experiment with other drugs. He was scolded when he found weed in his bed. Meanwhile he started to visit street events while sneaking out this is when he started to be interested in street racing. Overtime  he would start to save up money for a car that he would eventually race in. Eventually his uncle found out and decided to kick him out of his house leading him to be homeless within his car. With nowhere to live, he decided to settle in some of his older buddies place for the time being, he would eventually start competing in many races earning him a lot of money. He was then introduced into a street racer crew who seemed pretty interested in his racing. Overtime he started racing in their name around the states and managed to get quite close to most of the members including getting into a romantic relationship with one of the female members which didn't last too long.
Over into his 20s he started to smoke a lot more often due to hanging around college kids which started to affect his racing. During that moment, the street racing crew that he was in was slowly starting to get interested in criminal activities, something that divided the group. Johnny was one of the few that were against the criminal activities within the group as he didn't want to share the same fate as his father.


The group split into 2 parts to finally settle the matter. one for street racing and for more criminal matters, this action were to balance loyalty within the group however things decided to turn into worse. apparently one of the members killed a member that part of a triad in a gunshot. they decided to declare revenge and shoot most of the members resulting in many deaths of Johnny's friends. This action resorted to in group fighting. many had enough of being involved criminal matters and decided to leave. Johnny however decided to stay perhaps due to the feeling of being part of something that he loved. things were about to get worse.

Johnny was racing against his friend in his own car for pink slips which was mostly money and the person's car. His friend was eventually winning the race but things turned for the worse where he eventually made the wrong turn and managed to hit someone in a head on collision. that person eventually died and his friend was sentenced to prison for many years. This action caused Johnny to finally leave the crew.

Johnny would spend the remaining year pandering on his future or rather he had a future for himself. He decided to call up his uncle to see if he can find any employment on his mechanic shop but his uncle told him that his mechanic shop went outta business but he did recommend on some other jobs. one time he decided to visit Oscar from Six One Nine Customs within San Diego. as he was in a conversation with he recommended him to be a car dealer which Johnny thought it was a good idea due to his interest in cars. Thus he started to travel around the states to do his job.
He managed to land a job in some states some he decided to leave due to lack of work or many other factors. while his travel he met many friends that he continues to care towards this day. while at the club with his friends that doesn't mean that he didn't come across people that he rather not exist to him due one of them kidnapping him, something that's still in his mind towards this day. Johnny decided to have sexual intercourse with former pornstar Diamond Brinks resulting in his son being born. needless to say it was something of a bombshell to him because now he has a son to take care of. adding to the stress that he still dealing with.


Now with each opportunity starting to grow thanks to his experience. He plans to start up his car dealership combined with a tuning garage like his friend Oscar. while he continues to tackle things such as being a dad, Feelings with Diamond, Preparing himself to look after his father after his release from jail and many other battles that's he currently dealing with all while smoking hella weed while doing it.

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