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Jimmy Salante

The Bascarelli Outfit

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The DeCavalcante crime family, also known as the North Jersey Mob, is one of the many crime families in the larger association known as Cosa Nostra, or as it’s known by the public, the Italian-American Mafia. It was formed in 1964 by Simone “Sam the Plumber” DeCavalcante, when he united different Italian gangs into one family, recognized by the Commission of the Mafia. Throughout the late 90s to today, one of the most prolific and active members in the family is Silvio “The Cyclops” Bascarelli, a made man who has throughout his nearly 5 decade career served as capo, underboss, and de facto boss in the late 2010s with his partner in crime, Arthur “Artie” Pesci. In late 2019, he was demoted to a capo, then in April of 2020 was made a street boss in the family. From the time he was demoted to a capo until today, he was assigned as the head of the DeCavalcante family, and the American Mafia’s operations in New York City, as for the better part of a year, there had been no significant Italian crime families operating in the city any more, and very little Cosa Nostra presence. At first the operation was known as the Bascarelli Crew, but today it’s known as the Bascarelli Outfit, as the operation has grown in importance in the family. The Outfit has become a significant player in the city’s underworld, with alliances and partnerships with many different groups and individuals in the city. 


The crew is involved in arms trafficking, drug trafficking, fraud, loansharking, illegal gambling, racketeering, money laundering, murder and armed robbery.

The heads of the crew are Bascarelli, as the street boss of the DeCavalcantes, and the highest ranking member of Cosa Nostra in NYC currently, and the second highest ranked being Stephen “The Slug” Clyde and Benito “Benny” Giordano, the Outfit’s capos. The rest of the Outfit is made up of various made men and associates, who form the soldiers and grunt workers of the operation.


The main goals of the crew are to help maintain order, keeping organized crime organized, and to maximize profits and to limit bloodshed. 

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