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The Benjamin Family

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The Benjamin Family

Moe "Goat" Benjamin
Moe Benjamin, a well known gangster in Chicago, feared by all that came across his path. He was leading a gang of 22 members called The Forgotten Few. One day, his underboss Ralph Castro and the rest of his gang attempted to assassinate Moe so that forced him out the city. Moe then moved to New York to meet his brothers and start a new gang soon to be called The Benjamin Family. He hadn't seen his brothers for years, but he needed people he could trust so he chose his family. New to the area they all had to start from the beginning soon they were know by all. 


King "DT" Benjamin

King "DT" Benjamin born March 3, 1992 in a small town in Memphis raised by his single mother. He is the oldest out of the 4 Brothers. He is the good guy in the family till you give him a reason otherwise. He had been stealing money, cars, and selling drugs since the age of 9. He mostly ran solo for most of his life till his Brother Moe hit him up to see if he wanted to start a family business in New York. He was in New York already making a name for himself. He was working under a man called Danny selling drug for him bringing in decent money. Moe offered way more than what Danny was offering so King couldn't refuse. Now him and his Family are together running the city.


Desi "DJ" Benjamin
Desi Benjamin, the 2nd to youngest of 4 brothers who all currently live in New York City. Desi is considered what you’d call your “go to guy”. He has all the ways to find the answers you need and ways to get equipment of any sort. Desi grew up in Miami with his mother and half-sister where he worked as a club DJ supporting the house. He mainly focused on computers and music, but always wanted a career in Computer Science. He’s traveled all around the world doing club appearances and private events spinning records that payed really well. He actually took time out to go back to Miami and complete college to gain a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. He didn’t take his degree far after getting a call from one of his older brother’s in reference to form a criminal-business brotherhood. Desi would become the Consigliere, his older brother’s best word of mouth. Desi mainly focused in recruiting high intellectuals to help run some of the functions of the family. Desi is also the observant man in the room assuring everything is going as planned, a deadly shot he calls it. The family specializes in cultivating marijuana, cooking cocaine, vehicle trading, making meth, and assembling a gun armory. Desi is a well-manner minded man who only is in it for the security of his family’s future, never leaving his mother and sister behind. These dirty moves will eventually become fully clean but until then Desi will do whatever it takes for the green.


Ghost Benjamin

Ghost Benjamin started as Devon Wood, he grew up In Kansas City Kansas and was very good in sports and school. One day he was in the car with his dad as they were on their way to the grocery store to get groceries for the cookout on Sunday. As they pull up to the light a man In a Black Honda pulled up an shot his father to death missing Devon, at this time Devon was 17. The next weeks he began to gather illegal items to get revenge for his father. On a Wednesday night he geared up with a black and yellow mask and a block 17 and found his dads shooter and shot him in a alley way after taking everything he had on him. After that he had flew the city to New York and leave his mother. As he arrived to NYC for about 2 weeks he had found out his mother had offed herself in loneliness on his birthday turning 18. He then became weak and started doing legal jobs like trucking and being a farmer. After about 3 years he turned 21 and decided he can't live like this and started to look for a better way to make money so he started growing weed and selling to local citizens. One night he was growing weed with a friend and tow dudes walk in and ask him if they wanted to do business and he replied with a "Yah i am looking for people to work with". After this he sold tons of bricks to them every night. He eventually came to a point where he gained their trust and they started to show him around the city more becoming way more close they started a family and that's when Devon Wood had changed his name to Ghost Benjamin. After he joined the family he has started to make money he would never think he would be making Dealing with drugs, guns, and cars. Ghost Benjamin is still on his way to become way more Successful. As of now he is trying do illegal and legal business to cover up his money and make sure his family is safe.

Family Friends

Otto Cozart
Otto Cozart, grew up in on the 64th block of south side Chicago in Parkway Gardens. He was affiliated with the Black Disciples (BD). During his childhood, Otto Cozart attended Dulles Elementary School and the Banner School. He dropped out of Dyett High School at age 15. In 2011, Otto first attracted local attention from Chicago's South Side community with his mix-tapes, The Glory Road and Bang. In December, he was arrested for firing a gun from his car in Chicago's Washington Park neighborhood; he was placed under house arrest at his grandmother's residence for 30 days, followed by another 30 days of home confinement. Otto first became popular during his teen years in the early 2010's among high school students from Chicago's South Side. In 2012, his popular street single "I Don't Like" was remixed by rapper Kanye West and reached the Billboard Rap Top 20 raising Otto's profile further. A bidding war between major labels resulted in Otto signing with Inter-scope. His debut album Finally Rich was released in December 2012, and featured the singles "I Don't Like" and "Love Sosa", which would popularize the Chicago rap sub genre drill.

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