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  • Gun Cleaning


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    Items Required for Gun Cleaning


    Gun Oil

    Vodka (Purchasable from any Liquor Store)



    To acquire cloth you must go to the Garment Factory (Area Code 224) and sew a cloth. The factory only has enough thread for you to make 30 cloth a day.


    Gun Oil

    To acquire Gun Oil you must go to the Oil Rigs (Area Code 189). To acquire gun oil you need to have scrap metal on you (The Repair company only lets you repair 30 oil rigs a day, and you can not repair the same one twice in a day)



    There will be a icon that says to repair.



    After you have all three of these items. Go to the closest Gun Store and purchase a gun cleaning kit.

    Pull out a weapon and drag the gun cleaning kit to "USE" It will then do an animation to clean your gun.

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