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  • Open door commands for better rp


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    /fl = front left 

    /fr = front right 

    /bl = back left 

    /br = back right 

    These are examples of simple commands for opening doors, similar to /trunk, that could lead to a little bit more rp. Imagine the extra rp of a taxi or limo driver opening the car door for you. Imagine a cop forcing you into the car but actually opening it instead of you teleporting inside. Little things like these can fine tune the game and make it better change by change.

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    I would 100% love this. The only reason I don't open the door first prior to putting/taking suspects out of my vehicle is because I have to do with from the driver seat with the M menu and then the second I get out my fat ass closes it behind me xD.

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    On 3/21/2020 at 2:37 PM, Swiftz said:

    This is already a thing you can do in the M menu I believe, it might be only windows up and down so don't quote me on that.

    We mean from outside the vehicle, not having to get in, then back out
    And when you open the rear driver door, it closes when you get out, kind of ruins it



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