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The Catoni Family
Respect. Honor. Family.

History of the Catoni Family

The Catoni Family descends from the royal house of Catoni, which originated from the foot of Mount Etna in the province of Catani. This area would later be conquered by the Greeks and used in the Athenian fight against Syracuse. The family name passed down through the generations and over time became less relevant in Italian history, giving way to the Sicilian crime families and other wealthy and elite families of modern day Italy. However, the name did not cease to exist and instead followed its last remaining remnants across the sea to North America, namely the United States. This is where the history of the Catoni Family really begins.

After his father Francesco and mother Valentina moved to Boston, MA in the United States, Antoni Stefano Catoni, simply known as Toni Catoni, began his childhood in the United States. Life was simple at first, his father running an automotive shop and his mother working as a paralegal and office assistant in various businesses. When Toni was older his parents spent their entire life savings to send him to college to become an attorney, and he succeeded. It was in his last year of college when his father began working with some less-than-king people, borrowing money to help Toni finish his college aspirations. One evening Toni found his father bloodied and half-dead on their home porch and it was then that Toni took it upon himself to see his family's honor be restored. His father and mother raised him on three principles: Respect. Honor. Family.

Toni demanded that his parents move and they did, to Washington, D.C. Toni gave them everything he had saved and helped his parents sell everything they owned so that they could afford to move. He vowed to repay them and to restore the respect and honor his family deserved. Toni finished college and became an attorney at Mintz Law Firm in Boston and crafted his skills in law; he defended those less fortunate and do a lot of pro bono work for his community. But then life changed incredibly fast for Toni Catoni... he received a horrible phone call from his mother: his father had been murdered in Washington, D.C. and it was believed to be associated with the men whom he had unpaid debts for in Boston. This angered Toni and he vowed justice for his father... but he was changed; this was personal and he had to defend his family.

News reports would come out later of two men from an organized crime ring found disemboweled at their local meat shop. A tire iron was lodged in one man's torso and it was oddly similar to the weapon used to beat Francesco Catoni with a year before in Boston. Toni Catoni left Boston and headed for NY, sending all of his money to his mother and selling everything he owned. He spoke to her one last time, before he made the move to New York, and simply said: "Mama... I have to uphold the respect and honor of our family... of our name. Catoni will mean something in New York... I swear it on my father's grave. I will find the remaining cowards who killed papa, and when I do... they will understand the true meaning of family. I promise you that."

Joined by the Jebedia Family, a group of farmers and rednecks from the central United States, Toni Catoni is forming a powerful, albeit small, family in New York. The two families and their associates have combined their skills and efforts to build a powerful and wealthy name and image: CATONI is on its way to meaning something in New York and Toni Catoni will work tirelessly to ensure it does... and to find those responsible for the death of his father.

Structure of the Catoni Family

Based on the traditional La Cosa Nostra format, Toni Catoni has modified his family structure by branching outside of the traditional Italian-only affiliation making the family... unique.
While not part of a Mafia, per se, the Catoni Family's business operations and affiliations may resemble such an organization; however, everything they do show Honor & Respect to the Family.

Toni Catoni

Consigliere (Advisor)
Mearle Jebedia

Carl Jebedia

Caporegimes (Lieutenants)

Soldato (Enforcers)
John "The Hitter"

Deryll Jebedia


Joining The Family

Those interested in joining The Family should contact Toni Catoni by email at: mjstetzer#4143 or by phone at 125-5740.
You may also reach out to the Consigliere or Underboss or a Caporegime if you come across them in the city. Just remember... we don't trust everyone, and... always be respectful of the Family... capeesh?


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