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The Eastside Crips 

The Eastside Crips, rooted deeply in Mirror Park, (who also populates the East Los Santos Projects) is a well known Organized Street Gang, and one of the most respected street gangs of its kind. With a known sworn color affiliation to Blue and a caravan of lowriders which is surely to be heard, in any entrance by the gang, while visually showcasing “EASTSIDE” in the back windows of fully customized muscle cars and also spotted in other rare custom luxury cars. With a solid network, but no prior affiliation or ties to any other organization, the Eastside Crips operate independently and quietly throughout the streets of New York by way of it’s Triple OGs. The Eastside Crips have endured many gang wars and are known veterans to these streets while also able to produce at a high rate of efficiency in product security and logistics and adhere to maintain a professional outlook on the community and market at hand. 



The Eastside Crips (formed under the NY Chapter of National Crips), with Tookie Williams approval, gave way to the Eastside Crips by members strictly repping the set and committing crimes of Grand Theft Auto and Burglary to showcase their allegiance. The gang had seemingly found a way to turn scrap metal into money, and turn seeds into dollars. Experts at cultivation on farms and being chefs in the kitchens, their skillsets transformed into distributing product to locals. As the need for expansion grew, with recruitment and strict initiations, the Eastside Crips needed new markets to enter with its solid structure and efficient way of solving problems. With that being said, the goals evolved into manufacturing and supplying security for logistics. But with those markets being very competitive, The Eastside Crips quickly ran into trouble with shortages and undercutting, and other rival wars over turf and sets. This quickly escalated the gang into bank robberies and targeted kidnappings, (which is also known as an Eastside Execution). Armed with a vast knowledge in tactics from guerilla warfare in the streets, the Eastside Crips became experts in Heists and have eluded law enforcement many times through their deep playbook of playcalls during heists with many hours into planning before executing a job. Because the Eastside Crips have entered the local market independently, aggressively have had to fight for its own turf and name to continue to be a contender in the trade. 


Eastside Executive Order

Because the level of cleverness and creativity has always been valued in the Eastside Cripsan Eastside Executive Order may be given which permits the execution of a rival and a hefty bounty on that rival for a successful mission. These missions, when given the green light, are gruesome and violent missions meant to be performed swiftly and flawlessly while leaving no trace or evidence, and without firing a single round, making a very bold statement to its recipient. Every individual that an Eastside Executive Order was placed on, went missing, their car ended up dumped in the lake at Mirror Park, and still to this day, no charges have been brought up. Their remains have never been located, therefore no case has ever been made, even with much speculation has to who exactly committed it, continues to remain as a mystery.


Community Servicing

The Eastside Crips are known to throw some of the wildest block parties serving all kinds of party favors to the public and attendees. Rival gangs are not permitted and will be declined at entrance. Dice games in the Mirror Park Plaza and DJs are among some of the activities during a block party and Mirror Park neighbors also provide security to ensure a safe and enjoyable neighborhood block party. 

Sideshows and Car Shows and other contests value winnings up to 1 Million Dollars have been seen at some of these events held exclusively by the Eastside CripsEven Street Races have been seen where drivers race in the “Mirror Park Slalom” (a full circle around the lake and back end of the neighborhood passing the gas station and then back around passed the mechanic shop).


Crystal Blue Racing Team

The Eastside Crips partner up with Crystal Blue Racing and will announce events and prizes.



The Eastside Crips take high value in educating younger LOCs to become OGs, and providing business opportunities with advancement through the gang and its expansion throughout the city. Business in the Streets and Conmmunity have been able to provide lots of opportunities and advancements for members of the Eastside Crips, while maintaining a solid foundation with eyes on owning Real Estate and Small Businesses, the sky is the limit for the Eastside Crips.



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17 hours ago, Sunny Banks said:

I got the repairs on deck when you crash at the same intersection. Just playing hope to see the real crips making a comeback in the city.

my guy the best tow truck driver in the city! lol always good when u get that call

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