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The Millers (D-BLOCK BOYZ)

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The Millers 

Below is our short film provided by "Hooters"





The Boss "Ben" was born in Sydney Australia and was given a opportunity to live in Bronx New York. While in Bronx He Learned how to make his way around the city. His underboss "Nick " who was a big part in the D-Block BOYZ in New orleans, decided to move to bronx to get away from the gang activity. While he was very poor and moved to Bronx, Ben picked him up off the streets and they instantly bonded. It was a rough start for these two. They were both broke and the only way Nick knows how to make money was sell drugs. they ended up in jail about 15 times total.Ben had 2 cousins from Ireland who were in the IRA. They needed to leave the harsh living conditions in Dublin so they decided to crash with Ben and Nick. The two brothers are  Dean and Steve.They had to adapt to the American way of crime. Luckily Nick was there to help out.They are know some of the biggest narcotic pushers in Bronx.


The Family 


Boss: "Ben Miller"

Underboss: "Nick Miller"

Sergeant-at-Arms: "Dean Miller"

Head of Sales: "Stevo Miller"

Main Enforcer: "Jake Miller"

Soldiers: "Abdul Miller", "Mason Miller" ,"Theodore Miller"





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