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  • Switching characters in MRPD


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    When switching from cop to crim currently involves going to life invader which leaves your cop abandoned there. When returning to cop you don’t have many options. You have a taxi if there is one in the city or you can run to pub 2 and hope you have a car there. You don’t have a radio off duty and you’re not going to steal a ride because you’re a cop. This is why I think there should be a character swap inside MRPD. The location is centralized and in high presence with law enforcement so crims running in and switching in a chase would not be a problem. If desired the swap circle could be behind a locked door making it law enforcement only. I want to hear your guys thoughts on this :)

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    • *Owner

    This is a community, not a one man show, we dont just do what we want. You need to listen to the members of a community, take ideas and try and work in what you can..

    @thisisNardah took it one step further and made it all possible with the latest update. Thank you for the post, keep it up!

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