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    The Evans Brothers lived the majority of their lives in small-town Indiana. After William's most recent divorce, he found himself deeply depressed still living in the same town he grew up in and felt that there was nothing left for him there. He was bored and tired of seeing the same faces every day, he longed for the city life. He set his eyes on the biggest city he could think of, New York. Will packed his bags and drove out to NYC to start his new life. He applied for his CDL and began his early days as a trucker. It wasn't a lucrative job, but it helped him to get his first apartment in the city and Will absolutely loved it. With a place to sleep and a little money in his pocket, he began going out on the town and experiencing the Big City. It wasn't long before he convinced his brothers to come visit him so he could show them just how great life was in the city that never sleeps. His brothers became just as intoxicated with the city life as he was and it wasn't long after that first trip they all decided to join him out in New York. Utilizing his little brother Bob's mechanic skills, the brothers started up their own small business, "The Evans Brothers Roadside Repair". It was simple, if anyone's car broke down they would send Bob or Eddie out with a repair kit and get them back on the road. In the meantime, Will would continue to haul whatever he could for a paycheck, sometimes even traveling out of state to make a delivery. Their cousin, Ben Sanders, graduated from the McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis, IN and also decided to relocate out in NY. The brothers were always very close with their cousin Ben as he and Bob were the same age.

    Together, the boys would often go out to the clubs on the weekends and mingle with anyone they could, often passing along their phone number and plugging their roadside service business. One of Will's favorite places to go spend his money was the Stardust Casino. He was glued to the Craps table most weekends, and he built a report there with a young playboy that worked the casino named Jimmy Mane. Jimmy appreciated Will's mild-manor and his gentlemanly demeanor. After getting to know Will and his brothers, Jimmy invited the brothers out to his friend Al Capone's mansion on Great Ocean Highway to discuss a possible new business venture for the brothers. Al Capone's house and lifestyle was something to be envied to say the least. All sorts of important people were partying at Al's house at almost all hours of the day. The coke.. the booze.. the women, it was unlike anything these small town boys had ever seen before. Al Capone and Jimmy Mane pulled the brothers into the pool house away from the party to explain the business opportunity.. dealing cocaine. The allure was too strong and the brothers agreed without hesitation. They had already established a pretty strong network throughout the city and knew exactly who to contact to move what they needed to move and oftentimes used the same network to help each interested party avoid being caught.  There were times the network would light Queens up with so many CDS the officers became overwhelmed and would give up.

    Continuing under the guise of the roadside repair service, the brothers started to move a lot of work.. a lot more than Jimmy and Al expected, and it wasn't long before they established themselves as their go-to guys and the Evans Brothers were invited to every party in Queens. They partied and did contract work for the most important families in Queens at the time, The Warrens, The Kills, The Manes, and continued to push work for Al moving everything from Weed to Crystal Meth.. and all without getting caught.
    Many officers at the time thought of Will Evans as nothing more than a well-mannered older family business man trying to create a good life for his brothers. Will kept the brothers smart, they never flaunted the money they had. They did their best to operate in the shadows, and if they ever encountered police they treated them with the utmost respect.

    It wasn't long before The Evans Family was an established name of their own with many trusted soldiers working under them, all with Will Evans as the kingpin of the whole operation. When the government implemented new drug laws and the kingpins went away, The Evans Brothers were the first to discover the entire Meth process. They spent hours scouring every corner of the city until they established their own operation and hired cooks sworn to keep the recipe secret. After this, everyone wanted the Evans' product and together they each made millions. Around this time was when the CID was established and rumor of undercover cops and informants plagued the city. At the height of their success, The Evans Brothers disappeared into the shadows of the city. Even their closest friends stopped hearing from them. Some say they moved overseas with their fortune, but only a select few know the truth.. The Evans are still here, they have always been here making moves entirely out of sight and keeping a watchful eye on their interests.

    The Evans Brothers

    William Evans, older brother

    Bob Evans, baldest brother 🤣

    Rob Evans

    Eddie Evans, youngest brother

    Ben Sanders, Cousin

    The Royal Family
    The Mau Family
    The Ash Family
    The Warrens Family
    The Killz Family


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    7 hours ago, Cau Mau said:

    Thank fuck no George

    Just to be clear, George Evans was never affiliated with our family.
    We did 1 bank job with mans and he changed his last name to Evans. -.-

    Sorry to anyone who had a bad interaction with this man on behalf of our good name, but yeah - you never saw any of us with him for a reason.

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