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  • Rework of robbery timers


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    The current timers for all the robberies needs a rework. Ultimately as police we are looking for interactions. If we make the timers shorter, yes it will get more hectic but we have plenty of officers on at a time to break off and respond to different calls. Not every robbery needs 5-6 cops. Now if it escalates to that then backup can come.

    House - Smallest Payout, Can be done quickly or you can take more time to search more and receive a bigger payout. Maybe a 15 minute cool down unless you are doing the ones up in like paleto or great ocean since those are farther away so maybe needs a bigger cool down timer.

    Store - 20 minute timer (Fine with how it is but could maybe switch up how the lock is done so people can re-learn)

    Banks - 60 minute timer. Pacific Standard also needs to either be sped up or needs to have more prep work for crims before they even come in contact with the cops. There needs to be some kind of access card or intricate lock pick system to be able to even get down stairs. So that if you fail you cant even do the robbery. Now to get the cards or the advanced lock pick system you have to get them from a house or maybe a store robbery.

    Jewelry - 90 minute timer keep it as is with the current state (Dont want to mention how its done but I think it is fine.)


    Also another suggestion would be the more cops on duty the smaller the timers get. Not to anything crazy but not at its current state. It could have like a multiplier on the timer. 

    If at least this amount of cops then the timer will get smaller.
    2 cops - x3
    4 cops - x2
    6 cops - x1

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    I like this idea a whole lot. I think if anything though the timers between houses, stores, banks and jewelry should be staggered. Also like mentioned above the more cops that are on duty means they can respond to multi alarms if triggered or incidents in general not all cops need to be at one incident unless things go south for whatever reason 

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    • *Owner

    You guys really need to get together and speak as a department. You guys come to us and say.. "Oh my god, the banks are being robbed every 20 minutes, we dont finish with one robbery and another goes off, HELP!!!"

    We make those timers longer, longer cool down so it leaves enough time to RP out the robbery and probably chase.

    Then you guys come to us, "The hit a bank on one side of the map, someone else hits a store on the other side, the jewelry store getting hit in between, we cant go to all of these places with 7 cops on! HELP!!!"

    We make one cool down timer, so if someone hits a bank, no one can trigger another alarm, giving you guys plenty of time to interact and finish the RP, just enough so someone can trip the next alarm...

    Now your bored? lol I give up.

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    I personally don't mind having shorter timers on banks,stores,house robberies or anything really. Most of my time spent on duty is waiting for a call and just chatting with other people. I think if the times were lowered a little bit the criminals would be more "active" and hopefully not run and try to kill 7 cops over a red light lol.

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    • *Owner

    I mean all we do is try and accommodate the police vs civ action.. Criminals can only be in groups of 5 max. Cops 7.. Thats 12 people out of 32. The other 20 people are most likely  more groups of criminals 4 x 5 as an example.

    So because we are limiting the amount of cops to 7, this is a good balance, but we cant allow 20 people to run crazy hitting robberies why all cops are focused at one location..

    Want to raise it to 10 cops and put the timers back to 20 mins? The criminals will hate it when 10 cops show up and cops will hate it when robberies are left and right... And doing this will throw the count for civilians way off giving police way too much power in my opinion.

    Stuff like this will be way better and easier when we go 64+ slots.

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    I personally think staggering the timers would still allow enough time for RP and for cops to be able to break away if needed but also allow more then just 1 civ to trigger an alarm within an hr just more opportunities for different civs. Cause some civs may only like triggering stores or houses where others may only trigger the banks.

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    Crunch i dont think 7 cops or 10 cops is necessary to show up for a robbery cops don't always have to win them just my opinion. because if you have 5 people at a robbery some of them will be hostages so you might only end up with 2-4 suspects maybe

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    Honestly I agree with Crunch and I think the only changes necessary are to make the timers somewhat random, for example if the stores were a random time between 15-30 minutes, or just have all robberies that make more than 25k on the same 20 min timer or whatever. It just makes it less predictable for the criminals, because I know people, such as myself, who rob a store and will usually lose the cops after 5 min then have a perfect routine to be ready to rob again and have all the dirty money stored away somewhere as soon as the timer is up, which I think is the reason why everything happens so quickly. Throwing off the routine will make things happen slightly slower.

    Also, with 7 cops online that should be enough to react to the multiple scenarios at once. I've seen where there is a bank robbery and all cops will be there and of course us criminals will want to go rob a store. It's the same as "real life", if you saw all resources going to the same place would you not want to take advantage of that situation?

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    • *Senior Management

    The biggest issue i find with the houses is the lock-picking was way to easy. Coming from skyrim / Dying light the simple lock-pick animation was suuuuper easy to learn / can take less than 15 seconds to get into a house.

    From a crims point, the timer was annoying because i could never do anything since everyone else was already doing it / sitting there waiting on a timer

    I think, just remove the timer on client sides but have it server wise. ex. Crims don't see how long till next can be hit, but its still implemented server side.

    So instead of "This store was just recently robbed. You cannot hit this for another 15 mins"

    just "Stores were just hit recently, try again later"


    From FDNY stand, hearing the radio traffic from PD/SP , not every cop responds to the same calls, the ONLY time i see all the cops respond is when its a bank/jewelry robbery, or 10-13s

    With a Robbery, once its ending and crims are getting ready to leave, only 2-4 cops actually enter the chase , 1 stays with the hostage and 2 or 3 stay to clear the bank.

    You rarely see more than 3-4 cops on a chase, 2-3 cops on a store, 1-2 cops for a CDS complaint 


    As for cops always winning a bank robbery: What?

    Do you know how many times crims get away because they're on bikes or impossibly fast cars? or do unrealistic things like switch cars / change their car at a shop / take stunt jumps / drive up a vertical freaking mountain / drive to a bridge and jump off and parachute? Never mind that 95% of the time the hostage is part of the crew, so that's always fun. 

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