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  • Jobs & More Things to do


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    I wanted to make a suggestion about more jobs and such


    1.) Lucky Plucker(Job): Have people be able to order and also have someone working the drive through, I think It'd make some good RP, It'd give people things to do as well


    2.) Movie Theater(Job): I think there is a movie theater in vinewood that would be a really cool thing for people to do and also be able to watch something, not sure what but could have big city movie nights


    3.) Liquor stores but actually going into the shop and selling the beer/vodka/wine ect, being able to actually ring things up for customers 


    4.) More food choices 


    5.) Donut Shop for those cops who like Donuts and for just regular civs 


    6.) Ring of Fire(Job) Being able to sit down and eat a meal there as well, It's also next to Lucky Plucker 





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    I know overall it HIGHLY depends on the officers currently on duty, but generally if someone steals a vinewood bus, or one of the larger buses when they are pulled over it will come up as stolen. Just have a good story with some "paperwork" showing a potential mix up in buses or anything of that nature and it should be fine they usually let you go. However if you later use that bus to rob something you generally will not be given reduced time haha. I have pulled quite a few people over in the vinewood buses and sent them on their way due to stories and what they were willing to create apart from "ITS MY JOB F@#$ YOU OFFICER" then fleeing haha.

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