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Grove Street Families

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Left to right: Sweet, Big Smoke, CJ, and Ryder, the known OG's of Grove Street.


 Early History - The Grove Street Families were originally formed in Ganton (San Andreas) before spreading to the rest of San Andreas, and New York. The history before this time period (late 80's) is unknown, and much of what happened to the Families during the late 80's is also unknown. However, what is known is that the Families were one of the oldest gangs in San Andreas, before their spread to New York  - this possibly means that they are older than the Ballas (who formed during the 1970s) - giving the possibility that the Families evolved from the 1960s or even possibly earlier.

 Known History - The Families have had a long lasting history of a traditional, intense, and bloody rivalry with the Ballas. Specifically when the gang war started is unknown, but the rivalry between the two gangs was long, and dreaded by dozens of family's who lost their loved ones in the shootouts and brawls, the root of the issue was turf. In early 2004, a young man named Carl Johnson began to spread as far and wide as possible in San Andreas, running the Vagos and other Mexican gangs underground and eventually leading to New York in the process leaving multiple bloody, body ridden battles in his path with the Ballas, his sister dating a Sergeant of the Ballas was believed to be one of the main inhibitors of the violent wars that began over the areas the gangs controlled in early 2000. However traced by gun transaction journals and stories from elders, this war was thought to originally have been started by his grandfather, Sean "Sweet" Johnson, for his refusal to push narcotics on the Grove turf, the last journal showed entries as recent as 1993, and dating back as early as 1987 this war had continued until recent 2013 over turf in San Andreas until they took complete control. 

Mexican Gang Histoy - However the start and reason of their rivalry with the Los Santos Mexican gangs is unknown, the rivalry with the Vagos most likely developed due to their expansion and growth around their territory along with their heavy gun-marijuana influence. While the Vagos watched from the side lines as blood filled the streets with the Grove v. Ballas war, they continued to push meth, cocaine and other hard narcotics, gaining enough money and power to recruit more soldiers from the failing Mexican gangs, the Los Aztecas and the Loco Syndicate and gain power in the Jamestown District of New York. Despite being ran out of San Andreas, the Mexican gangs were always persistent in fighting with the Grove Street Families, and when the GSF conquered San Andreas, they expanded to New York, where they then discovered the Vagos had moved to the Jamestown District.

New York - When the Grove Street Families moved to New York, they were in business along side the Ballas and at constant war against the Vagos and other rival gangs, they are often seen fighting in the Jamestown District, the current leader of the Grove Street Families is thought to be CJ's Son, Shakur Bigg, who took the nickname of his mother, Beverly "Bigg" Johnson. It is not known what happened to CJ upon moving to New York, but what is known is the families still get into small disagreements with the Ballas, typically over housing, and keeping harder narcotics out of the neighborhood, in honor of their upbringing. Now primarily focusing on moving marijuana and firearms, the Grove Street Families continue to represent their block.


Territories - The Grove Street Families currently control a small part of South Side New York, including Davis Avenue and Chamberlain Hills.



     General - Shakur Bigg

Lieutenant(s) - Darnell Jackson, Archie B.

Sergeant(s) - Frank Castle

Soldier(s) - Luka Zheani, Jada Zheani, Yuri Castle

Probationary Soldier(s) - Joey Rogans



Green / White / Purple (accessories only) for anyone above probationary ranking.

All probationary soldiers MUST wear white pants, white shirt, with the exception of green accessories.



Out Of Character - As a long time player here at big city, I have seen many "gangs" come and go, its nothing new to me the lack of roleplay "criminals" can have, we have certain guidelines everyone is required to follow before they are even allowed to wear green or say they represent "GSF". That being said. This is here for the community to understand that we will not accept behavior that is against server rules and our number one rule is "Roleplay over Gunplay" while some members of GSF will be seen brandishing, and even raining lead down upon the locals of Jamestown to carry on the roleplay storyline, I have a very strict 2 to 1 policy, as follows, 2 incidents where staff/ooc is involved will result in immediate termination OR 1 ban from the city (depending on the situation) will result in immediate termination from the GSF. 

 IF you have a negative interaction with any members of this family, please report it in teamspeak, AND DM me directly on discord Sweets#0420 so I can enforce my 2 to 1 policy. This also goes for YOU, reading this, do not come to grove street guns blazing because you think its a good reason to start a "turf war" with us, you will be reported for your lack of roleplay ability. Please do not be afraid to talk to us, we are not violent and are not here to end our story lines in less than an hour of roleplay. Pulling the trigger is engraved in the minds of every GSF member to be an absolute LAST resort.

This will be edited as this is merely a rough draft to introduce the GSF officially into BCRP

GSF.webp GSF.webp

Edited by Sweets
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