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[NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

Tasing timer and tackling

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Pretty sure I've suggested this before, but I feel like it would be better for crims and cops if the taser timer was made longer, currently people just shoot to get away from cops but how cool would it be if instead of just killing you tased the cop and while he's on the floor tased you make your foot escape, right now the taser timer is like 3 seconds and you get up really fast, if it was made like 6-8 seconds it would be a lot better for cops and crims, crims could use it to escape from cops, also sometimes when I tase a person from a far distance as soon as I'm on top of them they are already getting up and can start running again.

Also for tackling, currently when you tackle someone you both go down and get up at the same time, it'd be better if we had a different animation for tackling and the person you tackle get's up after you get up so you get a few seconds to either run away if you're a crim or put cuffs on a crim if you're a cop. If this was changed maybe cops would tase less and actually attempt to tackle people.

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