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Spuckler Family

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Spuckler Family:

The Spucklers are a small farming family, Living in Staten Island. They came from nothing but had fun doing it. They give not one crap about jail time, and even less about the long arm of the law. Upon moving to Staten they met two individuals (Crimson) And (Sam) Whom they decided to adopt into the family. The boys then took it upon themselves to make the Spuckler family rich. Now the Spuckler family plows the fields in chrome tractors. as well as plowing your moms. 



Caroline Spuckler - Mother/Sister: Died in a meth lab explosion. RIP 2017

Cletus Spuckler - Oldest of the 3 Brothers.  Trouble with Authority and loves to drive fast.

Clifff Spuckler - Youngest, Sorta Slow. Always first to gunfire. Expert Safe Cracker, Also remember that extra F.

Jim-Bob Spuckler - Middle Child, Strives for attention. Hates Authority.

Angelina Spuckler - Family Prostitute, Plows the field and your man


Adopted Family:

(Last Names Hidden For Protection)

Sam - Family Cook ;) . Resident get away driver. Family Accountant.

Crimson - Family Detective, Finds out everything. Has his fingers in everyone Pie. Money Bag of the family $$


Catch this family cruising thru Staten in a Evo or a Tractor :)







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