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The Petrov Family

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Oleg hadn't made the most honest living - He worked for the Russian mafia for as long as he could remember. Most of his wealth in life came from extorting money from others by threatening them in some way. Then he met Nastya. Years had gone by, and Oleg and Nastya became pregnant with a baby boy. The Petrov's made the decision to immigrate to the United States from Ukraine in hopes of giving their son Daniel a better life and escaping the mafia roots. It wasn't that easy of course. 

The Russian Mafia had finally caught wind of where Oleg was. To get to him, they kidnapped Nastya and tormented Oleg with images of her being tortured almost daily. He had to protect his son in the only way he knew how - He pushed Daniel away, sending him to New York from California and turned himself in to the Mafia. It can only be presumed that Oleg and Nastya are no longer living as Daniel has not heard from them in years. 

Daniel began to feel alone in the city - He had to fill the void he had in his life somehow. Soon after he set out to make a family name for himself, Daniel met a woman by the name of Lily Teller. Lily was going through a rough time when Daniel had met her and he offered her a spot in his family. From the day he had met her, he'd always seen her as a little sister. When Lily became a Petrov, she introduced Daniel to her brother who went by the name of Dylan Teller. Dylan quickly became Daniel's dynamic duo and later became his brother. 

Just when Daniel had began to give up on the idea of finding his true love, he met a woman by the name of Ava Marks. Their first date hadn't exactly gone to plan, as it ended with Ava in the hospital from being quite literally stabbed in the back. Daniel was scared he wouldn't see her again. But she stuck by him and continued to do so - She became his ride or die. They were and are inseparable. Ava got pregnant with their daughter and before she was born they adopted Cole Simmons into the family. They gave birth to their daughter Jada Olivia Petrov and they now had two healthy, beautiful children. Ava and Daniel got married on September 14th, where she took his last name. 

A family of one multiplied to a family of six. Who knows where the Petrov family will go from here?

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