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Marc Maroon

New PD vehicles

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So every cop in the city is driving the Charger, the taurus or the tahoe. If we could get more PD vehicles in the city this might bring more viarity in the vehicles cop drive, ofcourse these vehicled need to be worth driving not that when you use it you are always gonna lose them. Now i have a few recomendations: the Tesla model S that is being used irl, would be a cool vehicle when a mod comes available. Ofcourse other vehicles are welcome too some other players might be able to give recomendations to.


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Guest The_Vexxer

Currently in our arsenal. We have the following vehicles

  • Ford Explorer
  • Taurus
  • Tahoe
  • ERV
  • Interceptor
  • Crown Victoria
  • One single Police BMX Bike
  • Ford Motorcycle
  • Pegassi Vacca

It's pretty extensive.

The reason, you'd expect the ones you may have listed are the fact that the rest aren't controllable or fast enough to keep up with some of the more high performance super cars we spend the day to day chasing!

Hope that answers the question.

Adding onto Conway's post.
We're lumped up with other things that additional vehicles isn't at the top of the pile right now. We're definitely keeping it in our minds for future things for PD

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Ya'll just got updated vehicles not too long ago.

And the police vehicles are made so it's fair for both sides to have fun not just PD. Some civ vehicles are faster(Very few) If you have PD vehicles faster than all the civ vehicles it ruins the fun for them cause they know they're going to get caught each time.

For PD you guys go through training to know how to catch people + when you're in the server there is most likely more than 3 officers in a server + have comms so you can coordinate with each other to capture a suspect.

At the moment there is about a 75/100% chance that you will catch a suspect when in a chase. IT IS OKAY TO LOSE SOMETIMES. If you feel like you can never catch someone you may need to train more

The model S is only used in a county in California Nowhere else has them as a fleet of police vehicles.

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