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The Warrens Family

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Head of the Family 

Sassi Warrens – BOSS/Mother/Wife M.I.A

Connor Warrens – BOSS/Father/Husband M.I.A

Alfie Warrens - sassis son/ Now Head of the Family


Children of the Family

Vinny Warrens – Sassi and Connor’s Son (Adopted)

Jackie Warrens -  Sassi and Connor’s Son (Adopted)

Alfie Warrens – Sassi’s Son

Zachery Warrens - Alfies Son (Adopted)

Steve Warrens – John’s Son (Adopted)

The Warrens Family all came around when John Warrens found his long lost sister, Sassi Warrens daughter of Jose Chambers. When John and Sassi meet there was instant friendship between the two and they loved hanging out with each other everyday, at the time John was with the Banks Family which would soon to fall apart only leaving his brother Sip. Sassi was pregnant at the time with Chris Nocco's baby and later on she had Alfie, her first blood child. Later on down the road her and Chris ran into problems in there marriage and had a divorce. Sassi went crazy she then hooked up with someone who is considered a family friend to us Kennedy Killz. Sassi later on had Kennedy's baby and she would be named Cleo Killz. Cleo died at a very young age in a car crash and this left sassi broken down, she felt like it was her fault because of what was going on between families all the gang wars and hits that were out, she had just lost her daughter Cleo Killz for a mother to loose her daughter at such a young age is an awful feeling that no one can repair, with the recent events sassi decided to do what she could to protect her son Alfie, she bought a gun and ammunition and carried it on her at all times she didnt want to loose Alfie too. Alfie was growing up fast around all the voilence, shootings,drugs Sassi didnt want her son to be involved in it all. A few years pass and Sassi gets arrested for Aggravated Assault and  attempted murder, she was so lost in her own mind that she got her self arrested and Alfie was now left alone to fend for himself his dad Chris nocco was never around and when he was Alfie didnt want to connect with him as he left him at a young age, Alfie was taken into care and grew up with a wealthy family in Vinewood hills he went to a good school he was getting good grades his birth mother Sassi was due to get released from prison and later after release to go and search for her son Alfie, she searched through everyone who knew about him, but had no luck, she searched online through the adoption agency, through the care system and finally found him after a long search she wanted to reconect with him, so she sent an email to his foster mother and explained her story, his foster family agreed on a supervised visit for the two to see each other again, the day came and the two were reunited, Alfie was happy to see his mother again after a long time, Alfie ended up going back to live with his birth mother Sassi Warrens, up on doing this he thought it would be fine he thought that the troubles and the reputation that came from the family were left behind he moved in with her in a small house in the city Alfie was about to graduate and waiting for his mother to attend he read on the news that there was a robbery in Little soul and one of the named robbers was his beloved mother sassi warrens, although no one had actually seen her at the scene someone was out to demolish the family by setting her up Sassi decided that it was best to disappear and lay low for a while during this time Kennedy Killz had contact with her but never told Alfie of the contact. During this time of Alfie being 18 years old and legally an adult on his own he decided that he wanted to get away from all the violence and bad business that the Family had, one day he was at the store grabbing a bite to eat and the newspaper went to the park sat and ate his lunch and read the paper looking for jobs, he found an advertisment for a job as a paralegal at a local lawfirm Bob & Associates, he decided to ring the number and he got an interview scheduled 3 days from the phone call, he was very stressed trying to pick out his best clothes for it, he had his clothes picked he got his hair cut nice and sharp clean slick looking, after that he felt ready to take on the world.

He had his interview and ended up getting a placement at the local lawfirm as a paralegal despite all odds, Alfie climbed ranks from paralegal to attorney, from attorney to partner, Bob Lob died and in his will was the rights to the multi million dollar company that was once just a "local lawfirm" Alfie done well with the company, he made more money than he knew what to do with, he was becoming more and more well known for his amazing work as an attorney, he decided to let the company run and decided to buy a house along with a few cars.

Alfies adopted son Zachery lived with him for a few years then moved out to carry on his life, he ended up joining the FDNY and becoming a paramedic doing well in his job.

Alfie got tired of the attorney life and decided to sell his company on to Jim Wuu a good Friend of his who also worked at the lawfirm Alfie was now retired, at a young age due to the fact that the company made a lot of money through his clients he thought it was time to relax and retire when a new opportunity came about 
it was to be a Judge within NYC he sat and debated for a few days and decided to apply, with Alfies now wealthy back ground he had a few people contact him about distributing a certain product within Manhattan and other boroughs of NY he used the product himself so he knew who would buy from him he called it snow, thats how he stayed focused all the time, Alfie had been accepted to be a NYC Judge he came out of his retirement and started doing deals on the side under the table tip offs, and with the officers that he had on his payroll he seemed to be in deep but covered from all sides, he felt invincible as though no one could touch him, Sassi soon settled down with  Connor Marshal later to become Connor Warrens. She has adopted 2 more amazing kids Vinny and Jackie. John Mane formerly John Warrens deserted his family due to unknown reasons, as for sassi and connor they both went M.I.A. and completely off grid which placed Alfie as the head of the family the mechanic shop that Sassi owned and ran had been shut down and sold on, as of right now Alfie is running the family business as well as an acting Judge for the state of NY....

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