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 -Latin Kings-

Origin: Latin America (South America)

Found: 1950 

The Latin Kings is a street gang from Chicago, Illinois. The latin kings are being lead by the 3 crowns council,

the 3 crowns are:

Juan Martinez (Mexican)

Carlos Hernandez (Mexican)

Fernando Gomez (Spanish)

They came from Chicago to NYC, for more opportunities for the gang




Black, Gold


Edited by Juan Martinez/Antonio Capizzi
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45 minutes ago, Fylence said:

haha try bro some bloods asked my yesterday if we wanted to stop shooting there asses 

Lmao one of ur boys got bodied At legion for acting funny and telling us to take off red, then we went to ammunition and yall ended up apologizing for talking shit lmao yall cant even say the truth among yourselves 

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