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How to join the Event Server

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Below is information on how to join it.

1. You must have the latest version of TeamSpeak3 (https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads/)

2. Install the Tokovoip Plugin for TS3 provided tokovoip_1_2_2_1.ts3_plugin

3. Join our TS3 server by entering our IP here: bigcityrp.com

4. Join the "waiting" channel under *insert cool channel name* (will be changed)

5. Start up FiveM and direct connect using the server IP Given in discord.

6. Make sure you have Push to talk set up in TeamSpeak under Tools>Options>Capture. Press push to talk and add the key you wish to add
     If you are a Cop, EMS, or Mechanic DO NOT add caps lock as your push to talk

7. Cops, EMS, Mechanics use F9 to activate your radio menu and join the appropriate channel. To talk on the radio press CAPS LOCK.


To change Voip range, Press F1 and it will change in the top left corner to either whisper, normal, or shouting.

Everyone gets notified via Discord when the server is about to go up

Updated: November 18th, 2019

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