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    1. As the title already says I thought about a pavement marking tape. Very simple little item. Me as a traffic enforcement officer I thought about this could be a great useful tool in addition to barriers to direct traffic, mark off streets as closed, change lanes and so on. There are many more useful things you could do with the tape. Make and secure construction sites on the road for example. You could even use it for a straight line if you wanna do a Field Sobriority Test. Make it so you can make short lanes (broken solid lines) or endless long lines to indicate that traffic should not go
    2. Selling some PD vehicles! Ford Raptor Ford Explorer Ford Crown Vic (custom plate: FKNTRYIT) PD members ONLY
    3. Suggestion: Implement a script for cops to start a breach on a property(5-10 minutes).This would notify the owner and anyone else with keys that the police are attempting to break in via an announcement. This would give time for the home owners to arrive at the location... creating an additional layer of RP. Come surrender or put up a fight?
    4. I have been watching a police chase video on YouTube lately and seen an unmarked Mercedes C Class. Me as a German it caught my eye instantly. I would love to see something unique like that for us officers. And having a Mercedes would be something completely different unlike the usual Ford and Dodge. And yes i did the suggestion because i want a to see a German vehicle like the Mercedes in the game ^-^ . Here is the link to the video and go to 7:00 Minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yRAmPvnNWE . I haven't exactly found one on GTA 5 Mods but there are a ton of Mercedes mods out there and i
    5. Don't know if anyone has placed a suggestion concerning this topic on the forums yet, but I've spoken with a few people (cops and civs) about the inconvenience of criminals not having the option to request for Lawyers in the Discord. Today there was another discussion about this issue in one of the group chats so I figured it might help to put something where everyone has a chance to see it. I think having a group chat in BCRP discord reserved for requesting Lawyers is a decent idea because: It creates an opportunity for more role play between lawyers and everyone else involved I
    6. Since we have changed the customs shops to stop Law Enforcement from painting or changing any of the paints on their vehicles, we are stuck with white unmarked vehicles, which, stick out like a sore thumb and look pretty weird in a non snow environment. All I want is a DARKER paint on the unmarked maybe a GREY paint or a BLACK paint. S.O.R.T. used a Ghost Livery of the N.Y.S.P. before it was removed and now uses a Black S.U.V. but they can no longer paint police vehicles. Please, Please, change the colour of the unmarked. Thanks for reading.
    7. I understand that back in the day when The PD and SP were short staffed that speed cameras helped deter speeding. But with there hardly being a time when there isn't at least 5 officers can we maybe re-evaluate speed cameras? the officers can be more proactive in stopping speeders, which would promote RP. Also I shouldn't be getting a Fine in a stolen Vehicle because the system that the cameras use run the Registration and fine the Registered owner. How does that camera know to bill me and a Stolen Vehicle? #Ilost10kina3mindrive.
    8. I think we need to take a look at the legal system in our city as a group, because I have been on both sides of the legal system and there is lots of room for improvement. I've been a criminal and had several encounters with law enforcement for a variety of crimes, Most of the encounters have been good. The officers were professional, knew their job and the laws, and Role played the entire encounter. I'm currently A member of the NYPD and have had the pleasure of serving the city and encountering many different people while doing so. In my experience a lot of players have a mistrust of the NYP
    9. I know the cars PD has are already nice but a Ford Mustang should be Badass. Maybe only 1 per city or something. Maybe 1 per 4 cops on a city.
    10. Guest

      Make ERT great again

      As of right now, the revolver is one strong gun. It's a cannon in the form of a six shooter. Now that's okay, it's a big gun, it fires high caliber rounds. What it can also do, is one shot an ERT member. Think about that for a second here ERT Members are elite trained, heavy armor paramilitary units specifically deployed to deal with borderline terrorism-like criminals. They tend to be firing automatic weapons, use fast cars and use everything in their power to drop cops like a burst packet of skittles. Yet, all it takes to actually drop an ERT is a shotgun or a revolver.
    11. Ted Jefferson is a young guy who was born in Los Angeles. He liked helping people, and did a lot of good in the city. One day he met a gang, they tried to get him on their side. He worked with them just so he can get some information of who they really are. After a couple of months, when he got their trust, he got the cops to arrest them all. Ted was working with the police the whole time. Police got everyone in custody except their boss, he somehow got away, and passed unidentified by the police. Ted only knows his name is Robain DuBois. Ted Joined the Law Enforcement not long ago after the b
    12. Cars get more damaged more and break easier. Helps prevent speeders as well.
    13. It would be good to get some rostering times or a minimum hours a member of the PD or EMS have to complete in game from them to stay members. I would love in a server of 32 people for there to be at least 6 police and 1 or 2 EMS on the servers most of the time. I waited 10 minutes for police and they didn't respond only to find out that in the server of 32 people that were on only 2 were police. You have to go through an application to get Police or EMS so a set amount of hours or roster should be a commitment to the server.
    14. Hi All, So i came up with an idea with (Johnny's) help and we were thinking of having a panic button for cops so like when a certain officer is in danger he hits the panic button maybe = button and it sends all the officers on duty a way point to the officers 10-7 (Location) in red even if they have a way point active for a destination it will redirect them to it. I was thinking it maybe coming up with an announcement like a robbery announcement, i think this would be an awesome idea and help officers rp a little more as well as be notified to the other officers cause many officers mute
    15. Hello, Some Of the police Ped skins are broken, for example the ranger that skin also never gets used much. Secondly some of the Ped skins no-one uses like the D.O.C Officer skin or the "Security skin". I really don't know why these skins are in the PD as no-one ever uses them, so maybe could we remove them or maybe replace them with new ones or something along the line. -Thanks
    16. If we use the ped skins that wl are gocen to us we are extremely hideous and not pretty at all. If I use the free mode model i cant wear the free mode police shirt. When i step put it puts this grey shirt on me. I am purposing we as cadets and higher are allowed to wear the free range police offcer outfit. ~ * ~ We get new peds that have better looks to slin and make up and eyebrows and lots of choices to use them.
    17. Just wanted you guys to know, when you pull someone over the first thing you say is why you did so. You need probable cause to pull someone over, so you need to inform the suspect why they are being pulled over, thus notifing them you have probable cause and to not piss them off. Small topic I know but just wanted yall to know, and yes this applies to all states.
    18. I would really like to see private slots for Police and EMS. The server gets out of hand sometimes and we definitely need a better ratio than 28-30 Civs to only 2-4 cops on. I've been trying to catch a flight into the city for a half hour now. Please consider this.
    19. I would love to see the radio animation come into play, as this would bring alot of realism to role play and make it look so much nicer. It will increase the realism (Like i said before) So that civilians know that we are actually talking through our radio because Irl when you are talking to a suspect and you are requesting transport or something like that you don't just go silent and use your head to talk to dispatch you actually hold and press the button to contact dispatch. This will be less confusing as civilians know you are actually talking to dispatch. However i'm not sure how hard this
    20. I think that it would be perfect to have a small menu at the garage when you spawn your Police Vehicle to be able to put on or take off the Extras (i.e Cage, Light Bar, Rambar etc). Usually I like to drive with a rambar on my cruiser because there is about a 150% Ill be in a pursuit on shift, or the locals don't know what lights and sirens mean, and the inevitable happens. Just a little menu that lets me turn on or off the extras for the vehicle would be great. Even one like what you use to alter your ped model/uniform to have glasses, a cover, longsleeve, etc etc. It just gets tiring spawning
    21. While in-game for the past few nights, I have thought about this as it would be helpful when 911 calls come in. When accessing the police menu and looking at the 911 calls, the distance of the call from your location should be included so downtown units know if the call is up in Sandy and vice-versa. Would be helpful so units nearby are more inclined to take the call and units farther away don't attach themselves to it.
    22. Add a Reports/Notes option in MDT to allow Police and EMS to keeps all notes related to someone in one location. In other words, in MDT, click Report/Notes. Two options appear, Create New and Search Name. For Create New, you would simply type the person's name, much like the current arrest entry, maybe even with the autofill. If the person's name doesn't have a report yet, a new one will be created. Then you go back and search it. For Search Name, you type the person's name and click on the one you want. From there you see three tabs across the top... |New Note| |Police No
    23. The MDT area has nearly replaced our spreadsheet system and believe me, it's unbeatable. However, here's a list of things I'd like to see added: -Traffic Infractions. We still have to use the database on Google to do these. Suggested location in the menu: MDT Area>Charges>Add Charges>Traffic Infractions -Ride-along hour tracking. Warrants used to only be for supervisors, now anyone can do them. Same should be for any FTO. I suggest adding in an Officer II + FTO job and same for other ranks. It should be made from 2 additional tabs on the main screen of the MDT Area>M
    24. I think it would be great and really handy if the police vehicles could get a dash cam view so that when we go on a pursuit or traffic stop we have the registration right in front of us and that we we know how close to the vehicle we can get and if we could get this implemented I think it would add more RP to traffic stops and pursuits altogether
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