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    1. Emily Lemonseedz was born and raised in the country, Hence her name Her family hated her and often times did things without her They treated her poorly and at the age of 17 she decided to get the f*ck outta there and move away forever, Missing posters have been put up for her, Why would her family do such a thing? She knew she was not loved by them She has a cold from how her family treated her and only trusts one person which is Snow board, They met on a online website. They met up in the city and where will things go from there? Will she make it or will she break
    2. James Carambos, a guy with an exceptional fashion taste and a couple of really sweaty thighs... European, with an accent and a poor capability of speaking clearly. Loves his black short-shorts with hearts on it, that, for some reason, everybody are calling boxers, not short-shorts (very frustrating)... Stuck to the illegal businesses for now, not knowing how else to start a good life, but hoping to have a legal job and making people understand fashion more and respect his short-shorts. ESPECIALLY respect his SHORT-SHORTS.
    3. Hello everyone, i am not new, but this is the first time i posted on the forum's, My Name Is Casshern Hajile, People know me as cass or grandpa. I really enjoy a lot of role play especially crazy if you ever cross paths with me, but deep down i am a Chill guy i do enjoy video editing and, also love seeing where my story ends up. i don't want anyone to be afraid to talk to a rp 82 year old man who believes in kung fu grips and jesus. lol, but i am always down to roleplay with anyone no matter what role they play, it's what make it fun for me. I do look forward to meeting a lot of interes
    4. So JJ Bellatoni is Bones/Anthony Bellatoni's son. JJ is also good friends with the Colombo's as they are basically family to him and he will do anything to make sure they are safe. Now JJ is a 21 year old in the city. JJ likes parties, but he has been settling down a little bit. JJ also tries his best to not have enemies unless necessary. He cares very much for his friends and family and makes sure they are all taking care of themselves. Most people can say he is cocky, a bitch, or even quiet. JJ has currently grown out of all those features of him. (To everyone who took there time to see this
    5. Hey everyone! I have been so impressed with this community in game! It has been mostly an amazing experience and I am excited to introduce myself and get to know you all in game and make friends! I a, a twitch streamer and avid role-player of all forms! I work as a manager to a Warhammer so geekism runs Deep in my blood! I have been involved in VoIPRP now for a few years off and on and love the immersion of it! GTARP is by far my favorite. I love it for the characters developed the stories that emerge and the friends I have made along the way! I am very friendly and approachable for RP and int
    6. My name is Adrian Huber i was born in Germany but i live since 2014 in the United States. I found this community by someone named Rock Steel. I was working with him together as Sheriff's on another server after it died. I since then have played on here and also just made my application to NYPD. I don't have any hobbies really i'm a lone wolf. All i do is sit on my PC and play games whenever i have time.
    7. Hi, My name is Vivilanco (Viv is OK if I drop in your stream). I am a 33 year old streamer, husband and father of 2. I am an avid gamer (all my life) and enjoy streaming. I currently Harry Potter (esque) RP in the written form, but I will soon be travelling for work and have the ability to stream / RP on the GO in GTAV - so I thought I'd drop into a thriving community. I will be writing Dave Strange his intro is here: https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8602-dave-strange/&tab=comments#comment-22603 Anyway, I wil be in the discord and hopefully see you in the city
    8. (Not exactly new, but I'm bored and thought might as well) Also gonna basically just make a character sheet, you might learn something new! (if you know my character(s) in RP of course) Also, If I've never helped/met you, serve it as a character intro to you Oliver O'Donald, DOB/Age: 08/04/1995 Place of Birth: Carp, Ontario Gender: Male Current Job: Currently a CCP, Critical Care Paramedic, in the beautiful FDNY, also a Field Training Medic. Some personality thingy's of Oliver, Attitude Towards Death: As sad as Death may seem/be for family's and people, its a part of life, jus
    9. Character Name: Jose Chambers Where are they from? Miami, Florida How long you been in this city? 1 year+ What are they interested in doing here in the city? Staying neutral with everyone, become friends with as many people as I can however not only that grow with the city. Do they have a job? Jose Chambers' job is running the Chambers Favorite hobbies? Make friends, and to drive around North venturing out to meet new people and try to drive people away from the city. Character Storyline? Jose Chambers was raised in Miami Florida and as he was growing up he reali
    10. Remi was once on top of youtube in 2010. He was the first vloger to hit 200k subs... then came social media. washed him right up to the Vespucci beach. Remi lives in the past and still thinks hes hot shit but hasnt uploaded a video in over a year. but Remi has just found out about IRL streaming so has been ready to dive right in.
    11. Hello! I'm not 100% certain of what I'm doing, but I'm 100% certain I'm doing it wrong.. like.. 100% of the time. I'm Sabrina, but honestly you can call me whatever as long as it isn't a teenage witch. I'm actually a twenty something grad student that plays too many video games and watches more Youtube than I should when I'm not managing a trampoline park. Things you might want to know about me: I wholeheartedly enjoy pineapple on pizza, I'm still mad about the ending to ME: 3, and pretty much I've been GTA trash since I was old enough to run sex workers over with stolen automobiles. TLDR
    12. She was a great student in high school, took care of her sick mother after her dad left. Her brother died early on in her life, so she made it her goal to tend to her mother. Grade twelve came around, and nearing her graduation. Janet's mother's sickness took a turn for the worst and she ended up passing away quickly. Janet holds a grudge against the world for not letting her say goodbye, as she was at school while her mother was in the hospital. Right then and there she dropped school and left town. She didn't know where she was going, being blinded by emotions so suddenly. She found herself
    13. Hey I've just arrived and unsure of what the highest paid jobs are and no one wanted to say on the server I joined when someone asked. See ya around. I'll be in a Go Postal van
    14. Hey everyone! My name is Jack, i play Vincent Grazini in the gta5police rp server. ive had a good bit of fun meeting and interacting with people even when it may result in my death. i hope to meet a lot of you in game!
    15. Hi, i have only been playing on the server a day or two, but think i will be staying ( awesome RP, Friendly ) I have a background in Altis Life on Arma 3, where i played for years, then started my own server, which turned out to be very successful. After 15 months i got burned up on Altis Life, and discovered Five M, where i tried nearly every server, and hated it, until this server. I usually play EMS but might try being a police officer this time. Well that's it, wanted to also give a shout out to the two garbage men who helped me today, and were kind enough to offer a strang
    16. My name is Jake, and on the GTA NYPD Server (so far I seem to like 1) I play as a character some of you may come to know as "Grandpa". I'm still working out a few kinks for example the voice in which I use to play him so I do ask that you guys bear with me if I happen to switch it around a bit. My Grandpa character is mentally ill with Dementia and Alzheimer's Decease so if I go off into a tangent about random shit or get really cranky while we're talking know that it's just me staying in character not anything personal.
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