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    1. i love the idea to be honest it creates opportunity for both crims and cops in shot outs because lets be honest here all you have to do is shoot them 2 or 3 times and wait for them to bleed out its kinda dumb and not fun.I never want to take away rp from ems there great but more medical options would be W for the whole server..pssst plus if we really wanted to make painkillers illegal and a crafting recipe lol
    2. It might be something in the works already but i think adding a shop that people can buy decorations for the inside of there houses would be a great idea. One that adds more businesses to the city and more roleplay which we all love. And 2 it gives people the opportunity to feel like there house is a one of a kind and no one else has looks like there's. It is just a bummer when you go to look at houses and all that matters is the exterior. I think if you were able to add stuff to the interior/exterior it would make the process of buying and selling a lot more enjoyable for the community and honestly create more RP....Side note is also helps people get rid of a lot of money that they have stored up. Any suggestions or feedback is welcomed I'm just curious about it at this point.
    3. cabin

      Pocket Wiping

      So thats why we would keep it in the cities where people are whitlisted.it would be a lot easier to maintain it inside those because everyone that is whitelisted is expected to be a decent role player.So if people are not roleplaying in the whitelisted city they don't deserve the tag
    4. cabin

      Pocket Wiping

      i totally agree with the concept of this.Now there would be times that people would rather try to shoot someone and fail rp to try to save there stuff.But lets be honest here people do that already.I think this would make people second think carrying around a automatic firearm because someone could snatch that shit from them.There would be some pros and cons to this but i think it deserves a good chance for the server to try a new system out.
    5. So my suggestion would be to reduce the amount of resources used to make body armor for example.Steel needs to be reduced from 15 to 8 and cloth can stay the same. The issue gun store owners are running into at the moment is the yield of steel we get from each truck load is random. On average I get about 15-23 steel from 250 dirt with that amount we can make 1-2 body armor a truck and 2 is if were really really lucky.Now people can say oh just do a whole day of getting dirt stock it up that day and process it all and make body armor and issued solved.Well just recently at the store i work at we had over 7k dirt and was not able to make even 50 body armor. Some people don't see this as a issue but the issue is with only 3 people its almost impossible to keep any body armor at all when we have it created. this is just to see how people feel about body armor in its current state and see if there's anything we can do about it or even change the amount of steel we get from dirt in total.
    6. Recently i have noticed almost everyone i have talk to or know has keys to drugs and i think its crazy that so many people can make coke.I would like to sugges tto go back to the old system where we had a set amount of keys and only certain people had them.What do you guys think?
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