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  1. Nick Savage

    Vinewood Hills House Kimble Hill Drive 6567

    nope had to sell
  2. Great Views Great Pool Great Deck Garage holds 12 Great Location 3M Govt Fee, Asking Total 6M obo $30k Taxes weekly Email Nick Savage#1899
  3. You can upgrade garages at PDM I thought?
  4. Nick Savage

    Nick Savage

    A legendary criminal from a distant city, I have been getting in trouble since I was 4 years old. I used to put my finger up to the heads of the kids (pretending it was a gun) on the playground in kindergarten. Id take things like kids lunches, and toys, and was rarely caught because of the fear I would put in my victims eyes. Since then, I have only gotten more and more viscous with my crimes. Now my crimes including, stealing cars, boats, cop cars, your stuff, your drugs, the cops drugs (I know you police be smoking a bunch of weed). I look forward to meeting you all. Take care.
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