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    1. amazing idea! hopefully this gets implemented i came up with similar idea as well about mules
    2. My Idea is to implement Box trucks [Mules] Into the city for business owners and or Employee's, for big shipment orders and deliveries, i know one of the first things that comes to mind is people will use it for crime and or drug runs, And or transporting personal items such as drugs. No they will not, it will result in immediate termination from your job, and or further admin consequences if admin decides so. Or possibly implement a new law in the MDT for this, Police will be allowed to search you truck to make sure you have no illegal items or business out of it which can also create f
    3. i 100% agree with this, Just to many peoples ooc feelings get involved, but if one family and or person were to take control of drugs, then they should be watched and regulated by admin so the city does not get over flooded with drugs, meth coke weed etc possible add new drugs to the city as well, but player controlled and regulated
    4. currently offer i have is 20 mil including gov. i can do 17, but not including gov
    5. 6565 kimble hill dr for sale 12 car garage right below teardrop lake beautiful view house has been well kept and maintained perfect for bbq's and parties. rent is 30k a week gov price is 3 mil, will include with final sale. accepting offers no trades cash is king -benny razer -discord email #boosted2707
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