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    1. Waterfront property for sale. Just across the waterway from the boat dock. Also only a few streets back from the beach. Beautiful and cozy interior. This specific unit is right at the top of the stairs just steps away from the garage! 6 car garage. Government price is $500k Starting bid: $1m Best offer takes it
    2. 800k for the Explorer [4B-07]Colin Smoke
    3. Also have a Cop and Civ, also agree
    4. Bump, who wants it. Front of the building right at the top of the steps so you don’t have to run all the way around.
    5. I am currently a cop, i also agreed in my post that breaking cuffs is unrealistic. But i stand by my opinion for the lockpick option. It would be similar to the current lockpicking cars where it would be a random chance of success. Even if it was a very small chance and maybe you could only try it one time and of course you would have to have lockpicks on your person. Obviously it wouldn’t be 100% chance, if 1/20 criminals lock picked their cuffs and added another foot chase it’s not going to ruin anyone’s day. If it does then you’re taking the authority too seriously and need to enjoy
    6. Maybe not breaking cuffs because that seems unrealistic. But perhaps if the suspect has lockpicks on them then they can attempt to lockpick them. Would create opportunity for people to get their friends out of cuffs as well as for suspects who are detained to get out of the their cuffs if the officer hasn’t search and confiscated picks yet.
    7. Paul Carter


      Why don’t we have a live poll on the forum and/or discord regarding a wipe? Can’t hurt even if it doesn’t happen it would at least give Management team an idea of where the majority opinion lies.
    8. It’s still in PDM under Muscle. Not sure the price but pretty cheap.
    9. Mechs dont have prio unless they have a civ prio. I know that for sure because i am a mech with no prio. Probably just whitelist prio.
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