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    B/O - 7m OBO Phone: 194-9959 Email: RoO#2807

    7,000,000.00 IGC

  2. RoO

    Need to get sell of some of my cars.

    ZR380 is no longer available.
  3. My garage is getting kinda full so I've decided to sell some of the cars I don't use as often. Most are FU but there are a few that aren't so just ask, all of them are insured. Anything before the Sentinel Classic was brought prior to new shop. Feel free to contact me. Email: RoO#2807 Phone: 194-9959
  4. RoO

    1114 North Sheldon

    Interested if its still available.
  5. RoO

    LTB House in a remote area.

    Sorry I guess I should have specified that I am looking for something not in the city preferably in remote sandy
  6. Looking to purchase a house where there is little to no traffic at all. Email: RoO#2807 Phone: 194-9959
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Everything has recently been professionally cleaned and fixed up in every place! This is a great place for someone wanting to show off their status. Have yourself an amazing bedroom, with a view over the city from almost anywhere in the house & on the decks! Dont forget about the super secure basement for storage! Gov Price - 3mil (included in price) 30k per week upkeep.

    5,500,000.00 IGC


    • FOR SALE
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    The apartment was lightly used. Very prime location. Gov price is low, and included in sale price.

    2,500,000.00 IGC


    • FOR SALE
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    The house has been professionally cleaned and fixed up prior to being put up for sale! The location of the house makes this a top notch location. If you are interested feel free to contact me. You can also email me on the discord app - RoO#2807 or msg me 194-9959 Gov fee is low and included in price.

    3,000,000.00 IGC

  10. RoO

    Lime Green FU Toyota Supra


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    Lime Green Fully Upgraded Supra It hasn't seen much drive time at all, it has green neon headlights & underkit to complement the color. The wheels are bennys with retro white rim trim. Number: 194-9959 Discord Email APP for fastest response: RoO#2807

    2,750,000.00 IGC

  11. Looking for the cheaper side but wont hesitate and grind the money for the right house/apartment ;] But honestly anything with a garage and room would do. Especially if it is near the Medical Marijuana area. Feel free to text or call me 782-3157
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