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  1. Nakkerino

    Buff to the Dune Buggy

    Pretty sure it is a lawnmower engine Soo.
  2. Nakkerino

    Drug overdose

    Ok, so someone takes cocaine, overdoses. and then permas? or rps overdose
  3. Nakkerino

    Drug overdose

    so force people to rp drug overdose when most people dont even rp in the first place whit fdny? Dont know.
  4. Nakkerino

    Drug overdose

    You can still rp this whit out the mechanism.
  5. Nakkerino

    The Crown Vic Protest

    for me even 200mph, dosent feel like irl 200mph. feels like 100mph. 40mph feels like 10mph. so is the problem that the speeds theyr actually going whit out caring the amount. is too much? as of in cant catch em kinda thing Or just that they are literally going that many mphs and not realistic in that stand.
  6. Nakkerino

    The Crown Vic Protest

    i mean why not just to make the speedometer show 3/4 of the speed you actually going. but still feel like your going faster. or just handling rework. that might be a thing in wl might have heard it somewhere. public gonna be public.
  7. Nakkerino

    Knowing a Character

    Breaking SOP is possible but if you get caught you can get fired, suspended or have to re do training. Dont forget the 9s. Breaking city rules = a ban
  8. Nakkerino

    House database for Cops

    IRL you can find the address of most people whit a phone number, or a full name. why a cop wouldnt the other way, adress to fullname and number. Cant seem to why wouldnt cops find this out.
  9. Nakkerino

    Knife vs gun

    I love smoking meth, taking joints and just knifing people. its almost like they cant kill me :kappa:
  10. Nakkerino

    60% keyboard issues

    When you call someone and it stays in the contacts tab, that means they aint in the city. and you cant call em
  11. Nakkerino

    Chaning speed units to KMH!

    Well which is more unrealistic going 300mph or saying kmh in america
  12. Nakkerino

    Chaning speed units to KMH!

    So we all knew going 200mph on a shitty car is unrealistic, but in game feels kinda fast not really fast. so i had an idea. for the ones that want the speed. but still keep an realistic amount of speed. So we change 200mph, to 200kmh. not to 321kmh. just a name replace not an unit replace. so cars will still go 75mph on highway but we change the name to 75kmh. Then boom your car goes 200kmh and seems more realistic than 200mph. But really just goes 200mph. but hide it as kmh. for realism
  13. Nakkerino

    DOC and PD Roleplay.

    i Do /311 that im on duty, when i get on duty. usually thats enough, sometimes theres a inmate gets send off for small time not big deal. sometimes cops busy, and its understantable, sometimes i do a another 311 like 40mins after getting on duty, if alot of new cops have come on duty, so they all know. for me its been enough, i get asked for transport, and sometimes prison busy and we will tell to just send off. Like we got 3 inmates, they got under 30 months, 1 got 5, 2 got 16, 3 got 30. and if i go for transport at that monent im gonna miss the end of rehabilitation on inmate 1 and 2, because transport take some time, and especially if the new transported in mate got under 30 months, ild rather just get him send in so i dont miss on that good good rp
  14. Nakkerino

    Selling Blueprints

    This post right here officer!
  15. Nakkerino

    Cops VS Crims Gameplay Topic

    Allright, as a EX Crim, I would say stuff wasent hard for me, i got away whit most of the stuff, just by talking. talking gets you way further away than guns. and that leads to more problems, criminals have fast af cars, most of em are like tanks, they got the bois, and if something happens some random might join the criminals team too, as of from cops point of view its scary, and to be honest criminals have it more easier, especially the ones that dont care that much. i agree whit crunches "unless your pablo escabar you will always be at somewhat of a disadvantage to police." But to be honest, i think the cops are in a disadvantage most of the time, especially when they pulling up to something and they got no idea what is gonna happen and when it comes to worst cases, people start shooting cops. cops get ready for this, and this gets criminals angry for it. But if the criminals now what they doing, most criminals forget that they are innocent until proven guilty. When i used to be a crim, i was basically riding a bmx, no gun. and robbed stores. 3/5 stores i wasent guilty for it. just by talking, thinking of excuses or just planning in advanse. If you got your back up story ready. you can get away whit almost everything, if you gotta kill a guy, and cops come. dont be like that Bitch ass started shooting at me and i defended my self. especially if you had a illegal gun, if you have a better story to talk about. they might not even realise you had a illegal gun, and you got multiple ways to distract or move cops going to that direction, all im saying if your prepared, in any other way than leading to a gun. your set. most of the time Cops got it really hard, let say you do something for the first time, and talk shit to a cop. and you defend yourself whit i never done it before, let say you got 50 crims in the city, It might be the first for you in a long time, but trust me not the first for the cop. they see the same thing happening everyday. might be special for you. So atleast try to make it special for the cop too. if your too scared to get in to prison. then dont do the crime, allways think that youll end up in prison for it. and then you realise you got more ways to get out of it. dont meant that throw your keys out of the windows and put your hands up. if its a stolen car you can talk your way out of it, just dont say i borrowed it etc. Crims got a big advantage. and some crims are ruining it for others, whit shooting for no reason, code 0ing that makes cops think that oh another stop. he gonna pull out and shoot. Lemme take my gun out. not every criminal is a dickhead. but most of em are. and for that reason, most of the cops are ready for it. Information on criminal side is being ruined everytime, just because most of crims cant think before saying or getting money for something. this is a pretty one sided text, just because i didnt see any criminal talk in here. But cops have it hard, criminals have it easy. Most of the stuff from OP was nerfing cop stuff, but no one has talked about nerfing crims.
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