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    1. This topic is tuff for me, used to drive bmx and sometimes run away from cops whit it, jumped over a bench at legion and got a warning. amazing times.(long time ago) there should be a rule on what counts as stunting, and which stunts aren't allowed. like a rule if you dont land it, you gotta play it out as injured and shi like supposed to. and if people dont do it, then warn/ban kicking is useless, gets them outta the rp scenario and cops gotta wait extra if its gonna get continued. goating is a problem in every server, handling on cars is what it is, used to have a testing for realistic handling, fun slidy, couldn't climb hills. on non off-road vehicles, people ruined it went 300mph past legion like it was nothing, all fun gets punished by the ones that abuse it, now we are in the land of bigcityrp, if your car can then you can. regardless of the make or model of the car. i really dont care about cars being unrealistic, or you can climb whit a civic. i think the first step would be people to take theyr injuries seriously. alot of people dont rp injuries at all, jump on each other punch each others like animals, absolute primitive gaming. if they would care about injuries, they wouldnt do dumb stuff, wouldnt do dumb stunts they gonna fail. stunt jumping is a double sided knife, either people gonna have fun whit it, and care about theyr lifes or they gonna abuse it, and say fuck it. this knife feels amazing in my cheeks Love:Jorma see you around ;)
    2. Garage closer to the drag strip. so don't need to drive the heavily modificated cars on the streets. (can always call a tow) Also, would be amazing if could install a chip in the car, so it stays there rather than an item. faster tuning, already in the car, no need to worry where you left yours. Possibility to start time solo, when there's no one around and you practicing. Maybe betting at the sides, or at the start middle where the pc is at. Nitrous Oxidie System. the whole thing installed in the cars, not just useable bottles. also overheating
    3. Pretty sure theres no wait no more
    4. How has everyones wait been going so far?
    5. Yeehaw partner, its been a long time since i have come down from the mountains. good to see there's still life in the towns. ill sell you a nice bunny fur for 3 gold coins. anyways that's a big o"ll barker there, i don't use any, i got my trusty stick and a rope. Stay safe out here, if you see a white deer anywhere, send me a mail, im trying to make some new boots. If you see my gal anywhere, tell her i got her necklace i need to see her. i havent seen my rib in a long time, i hope i wont find her as dead meat.
    6. It would be funny to be able to switch the ankle bracelet whit someone, but i dont think constant gps location is good, maybe if you search up a name in mdt you can see location and it updates every 5 seconds for balance or something like that
    7. Fun fact there was once realistic handling mod test. whit wheelspin, spin outs but it had insane speed caps over 300+ people abused that and well the test was over at that point. Just cap the speeds :4head:
    8. Fun fact i didnt read any of the replies, but You died. Its gonna take some time to recover. waiting extra time for ems, just makes people value their life more, i would even say increasing times in hospital bed would be better. And tbh, if you cant wait a couple of mins for ems. you out of luck pal.
    9. If you go all the way down whit crouch, it resets walk too Edit. Just press tab or up arrow in chat to repeat last message, or copy you /walk and ctrl+v it
    10. Remove ars, increase damage on pistols, hmmm?
    11. +1 "Payed Service" sounds good but its alot of work.
    12. Nakkerino


      We all know that one moment when your acting out an rp, dont care if its getting poisoned, neck snapped. anything like that, and then you /e injured. or your doaing and your getting put in places. your still alive but acting as dead. so why not a /kill command that could be used to down yourself. of course serious topic. and if someone just uses it to respawn etc, thats failrp killing yourself like dat. But short story shorter, sometimes theres acts happening rp that should put you down, but dont. /kill is for that.
    13. Damn man another good one hits the floor
    14. All im saying, its the people in the menu servers... but we got some good people here.
    15. So i was thinking, if there’s too many people coming in for cars, and money, only caring about cars and money, and what if there was a city, whit garages jobs etc, but everything would be free, now hear me out, freah characters could get the thinngs they need for their story lines whit out grinding for stuff, old people could just care about rp, not just ah shit i gotta go scan on the beach so my sister could pay for that one thing. of course there’s gonna be people in it doing the same thing, driving expensive cars, shooting people, but trust me as if theyr expensive cars aren’t expensive, there’s no talk about flexing, just in character differences, let say favourite car, color, sound etc. all im saying it would get rid of the idea of grinding and only lettinng up room for creativity and character story line, people would still get payed for their jobs. and thats the economy, now you asking, why need money if everything is free, because of course you gonna pay for taxi, of course you gonna pay for that tow service, of course you gonna buy that medkit of your friend, there still gotta be some money laying around for the rp, but essenttials for the rp, would be free, or even spawnable in. Of course there’s gonna be people abusing it in everyway but different city different characters, no link like a sandbox, people get banned there for shitlordinf they get banned in “live” cities. just an idea came up at midnight, subject to change what you think of “sandbox” city
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