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    1. The Prices are the same they were 8 months ago. Dont point out the one time at band camp, there is always someone who would pay more to get what he wants, in that moment, but the ave price is the same its always been.
    2. This is something the city and community needs imo. When a cig weighs a pound same with a donut etc. As a business owner we move large amounts of products, from anti freeze to scrap, and buy in bulk Donuts Sprunk etc. If were going to go for realistic then either equalize out the weight system or give us something to move the weight. Right now it borders on not fun tedious non RP to move bulk, but a Mule to load up and get the job done would be grand, and imo would open up alot of rp. Being able to buy and own of these would be amazing, being able to rent one of these when needed would also be
    3. As also someone with towing exp in IRl I personally did not see an issue with the tow trucks and custom tires, it helped show the creative side to the shop. While being completely 100 percent realistic an not going out of bounds. This is GTA, and RP kind of known for the customization of its vehicle's.
    4. i cant seem to find your email, hit me up about the BMW suv LiveFromTheMorgue#0851
    5. hit me up at LiveFromTheMorgue#0851 or JoeKerr in the city 086-3117
    6. Still have it? If so shoot me an email LiveFromTheMorgue#0851 or JoeKerr mechanic 086-3117 in the city
    7. So Maserati, Hellcat, Porsche, Rumpo, GTR are sold. Now have a Range rover also for sale 10m in store. Again just make an offer on any of the cars. Need money for a car i want to buy.
    8. Sup LJ, just traded the Custom for a Range Rover.
    9. Maserati is sold, and make an offer on the Hellcat, 10m in store and insure and upgraded.
    10. Hit me up in an email with offers LiveFromTheMorgue#0851 or you can bid here or talk to Joe in game 086-3117. Mercedes Benz E63 1982 Porsche 911 turbo 1998 Toyota Supra Dubsta LE Comet Custom XA-21 2015 Challenger Hellcat Nissan GTR 2015 Ferrari 488GTB Bravado Rumpo Custom Specter Custom 2018 Maserati Ghibli
    11. :walks to the window, puts the candle in the holder an lights it,:
    12. livefromthemorgue#0851 used is ok. Or Joe Kerr in game 086-3117
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